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Kevin Costner is one of Hollywood’s most famous actors, acting in the entertainment business for more than 40 years. He obviously receives a lot of attention. However, in a previous interview, he spoke about someone else who gets a ton of attention.

Here’s what Costner once said about the attention Prince Harry‘s wife, Meghan Markle, receives and his connection to the royal family.

Kevin Costner said Meghan Meghan has ‘had enough attention for a lifetime’

The Express reports that, during a 2019 interview, Costner discussed his connection to the royals and the Duchess of Sussex’s global fame.

The Yellowstone star told TV host Ross King: “Being in this circle that I don’t even understand — you know — royalty. It’s a unique spot. We watch it from across an ocean, and sometimes we don’t understand exactly what is going on. [Meghan’s] had enough attention for a lifetime now in a year.”

On whether he thought the former Suits star would ever return to acting after marrying the prince, Costner opined: “It would be hard. Why? Because if you’re Harry — and he seems like a great guy … I don’t want to see my wife kissing somebody. I’m on Harry’s side.”

Costner was supposed to work with Prince Harry’s mom, Princess Diana, in a movie

One of Costner’s most famous movie roles was as former Secret Service agent Frank Farmer in the 1992 Hollywood blockbuster The Bodyguard. The film was so successful that a sequel was planned. It was reported that Princess Diana was to have a role in the flick. Costner has done interviews in the past where he confirmed that he spoke to Princess Diana about appearing in Bodyguard 2.


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It’s thought that Bodyguard 2 was supposed to tell the story of Costner’s character protecting the princess’ character from the paparazzi and stalkers before a romance blossoms between them. Costner revealed that he received the script for that movie one day before Princess Diana’s death.

“When we lost her, that was tragic. Incredibly tragic, and private to me actually,” the Dances With Wolves star explained. “I didn’t talk about it for a year, and somebody else talked about it. And that’s how that story bubbled up a while ago.”

The actor said Sarah Ferguson was instrumental in arranging for Diana to appear in the film

Costner also stated that Sarah Ferguson was “very instrumental” in getting Diana to appear in the film.

“Sarah was really important,” Costner said. “I always respected Sarah because she’s the one that set up the conversation between me and Diana.”

He added: “Sarah was really instrumental in that. Something I always admired about Sarah was how open she was to that idea how supportive she was of the idea, and clearly how much she liked Diana. But one of the things about Sarah that I don’t know [if] people know is, Sarah, in trying to help this along, never once said, ‘Well, what about me?’ She never joked about it, she never hinted at it; she was all about Diana. It was really incredibly respectful the way she was.”