Kevin Feige Doesn’t Sound At All Like Himself In This ‘Simpsons’ Avengers Parody

Parodies on The Simpsons are a rite of passage for all pop culture, but some might contend the show ribbing the MCU is a little bit late. While the show has done some poking at the MCU before, they’ve recently put together a more elaborate parody of all the Avengers films.

This time it’s The Vindicators, with the villain being Chinos. Yes, that’s a play on the Thanos-like villain having more than a few chins.

Lo and beyond but Kevin Feige was landed to do the voice of Chinos in the parody. A preview clip was posted on Reddit recently where fans reacted to one peculiar thing: Feige sounds nothing like anyone expected.

Is this the beginning of Feige doing secret voice work in future MCU films?

Kevin Feige on the red carpet
Kevin Feige | Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for HFA

‘The Simpsons’ hiring of Kevin Feige proves they can get anybody

Only The Simpsons creative team would have the power to bring in the caliber of Kevin Feige to do something he’s never done. Never has he done any credited voice work and instead just the behind-the-scenes mastermind storyteller of Marvel/MCU for the last 20 years.

Anyone who knows what Feige looks like wouldn’t expect him to be able to have the ability to voice any character with a nefarious-sounding intonation. It’s just further proof what one looks like doesn’t equal what they’re capable of doing.

Watching the parody preview above, no one would even guess the voice of Chinos is Feige himself. Fans on Reddit noted they couldn’t believe it was him, even though nobody’s really heard him speak all that much. Only at fan events has he spoken at length when introducing news about upcoming MCU movies.

One thing to note about his Chinos voice is it seems he was helped to sound more evil with voice technology. Unless it really was his voice unfiltered. If so, Feige should consider more voice work, maybe as a personal imprint in future MCU projects.

Would Kevin Feige consider doing personal cameos like Stan Lee did?

A masterful creator of a major movie or TV brand doing cameos in their own projects isn’t anything new. Alfred Hitchcock began doing cameos in his films back to his earliest days. He kept that up and made it a brand that identifiable to him. However, he never had a movie cameo where he said a word.

Stan Lee was a different story in placing himself into every Marvel or MCU movie with a line or two. He was able to do this right up to when Endgame came out. Now, with Lee’s passing, it’s worth pondering if Feige might consider doing something similar, as in maybe voice cameos.

His voice work on The Simpsons was a bit of a revelation in having a hidden talent. If he can do voices this well, why shouldn’t he do the same in some of his upcoming Marvel projects?

If it has to take animation to do that, perhaps Feige would consider it in the upcoming Disney+ series What If…?.

Kevin Feige likely understands the value of a familiar voice

Now that Feige did the voice of Chinos, he’ll likely be back on The Simpsons since his villain voice is going to become just a little too familiar now. Also, with Feige being a past executive producer of some Marvel animated shows (like Iron Man: Armored Adventures), he likely understands how important voice is, even beyond animation.

He’ll be doing the same with What If…?, paving the way for him to start doing voice cameos as something different beyond Stan Lee’s cameo legacy. If Feige doesn’t have the physical ability to stand out on-screen, his voice might.

All the more reason those who have extraordinary ability in one field shouldn’t waste any other talent they have if it’s usable.