Kevin Hart Reveals a Dramatic Side of Him in ‘True Story’

Comedians and their work can be ruthless, especially against each other. However, there is something to say about the ambition to be more than a comedian. Kevin Hart can keep the masses entertained with his funny quips and jokes about height. One move most didn’t expect to see in Hart’s career was the move into a more dramatic series role. However, True Story is a hard-won role for Hart.

Entertaining the masses: Kevin Hart’s comedy

Kevin Hart dressed in a olive green shiny jacket with a darker green underneath in front of a blue background.
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Kevin Hart started as a stand-up comedy entertainer and swiftly produced and wrote more episodes to entertain his fans. The first film to star Hart was North Hollywood, but he has had iconic roles in more films. Scary Movie 3, Along Came Polly, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Superhero Movie, Death at a Funeral, Little Fockers, Ride Along, The Upside, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Fatherhood all benefit from the quick wit and hilarious expressions Hart brings to the table.

Hart’s latest nominations, according to IMDb include Outstanding Actor in a Short Film or Comedy series for Die Hart. Hart’s career has been epic, with over 43 award nominations, 19 of which he won. Hart has worked hard to get to where he is, from the 2018 Grammy for Best Comedy Album to the 2019 International Star of the Year award.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hart stated that his work to this point had been “strategic” to get him to his ultimate goal. Even though Hart has the comedy arena locked down, he’s looking forward to expanding his role into a more dramatic and series tone.

Hart brings drama to ‘True Story’

Hart stars as Kid in the new Netflix limited series True Story. He straddles the line between his fictional character and himself as he plays the world-famous comedian returning home for a tour stop. Once back at home in Philadelphia, he spends an evening with his brother, Carlton, played by Wesley Snipes. Everything Kid worked for could be destroyed because of a fallout with his brother and the consequences of actions taken that night.

True Story asks the audience the question of how far would you go? May thrillers have been made about the cost of fame and fortune, but not many have shown what could be lost if the secrets that keep the fame alive were found out. What would you do to keep everything you have worked so hard for? How far would you go?

This is Hart’s most significant step into the world of dramatic TV and thriller series. There is a level of curiosity about the story and the background behind it. Is Hart trying to say something about his comedy career or himself? The Kid’s name is never revealed in the series, so it is possible Hart could step into the role as easily as anyone else.

Hart has more up his sleeve

Hart is currently working with Woody Harrelson on The Man from Toronto and Eli Roth for Borderlands. He still has many other films like Me Time, Lift, Ride Along 3, and Monopoly in the works for future release. Hart is starring in these upcoming films and is also producing American Sole and The Great Outdoors.

Be sure to catch Kevin Hart’s True Story coming out on Netflix on November 24th. In the meantime, catch up with some of his greatest works in Fatherhood, the Jumanji series, and The Upside. Allow Hart’s comedy to make you laugh while you wait for the new side of Kevin Hart.

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