Kevin Hart Was Convinced Jay Leno Was Trying to Kill Him When They Went Off-Roading

Hilarity ensues anywhere comedian Kevin Hart goes. And when he shows up to Jay Leno’s Garage, to take a ride in a crazy vehicle, you know it’s about to get even funnier. If you missed this episode of the popular show, Jay Leno had something special for the two to drive. Their adventure took the comedians off-road, with laughs and scares that had Hart convinced that Leno was trying to kill him.

Kevin Hart and Jay Leno laughing, both with their hands raise
Kevin Hart and Jay Leno | Paul Drinkwater/Getty Images

Kevin Hart & Jay Leno go off-road

It’s no secret that Kevin Hart loves cars. He was eager to take an adventure with his pal, Jay Leno, on the series, Jay Leno’s Garage, where Leno invites celebrity guests to take a cruise in new, vintage, and unique rides. Leno shares with the audience during his solo introduction that Kevin Hart is a “car guy,” and he points out the beefy Bronco Hart had parked on set. Leno then ribs his comedic counterpart and lets the audience in on the real motive behind the vehicle they’re about to drive. “We’re going to shame him a bit,” Leno kids, and likens the Bronco to a “yuppie version” of what the vehicle they’re about to sample. And when Hart first laid eyes on the 2017 SHERP ATV, with its tank-like body and imposing stature, he knew this was no typical cruise with Jay Leno. “They’re much bigger than me,” Hart said when sizing up the massive tires.

The SHERP ATV can go anywhere

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If you’re unfamiliar with the SHERP ATV, here’s what you should know about this Russian-designed, all-terrain, amphibious monster. Its vehicle looks intimidating, but it’s roughly the size of a van, albeit with 63-inch tires. It’s not made for speed, with only about 44 horsepower, but there’s no landscape this beast can’t tackle, according to Road and Track. It can climb over two feet tall obstacles and is fully capable of swimming in water, with its self-inflating, tubeless tires. Buying a SHERP ATV will set you back around $95,000. It’s a doomsday prepper’s dream machine, and Kevin Hart’s worst nightmare (at least in the beginning.)

This adventure didn’t kill him

Jay Leno and Kevin Hart were in for a wild ride, as Yahoo reports. With Leno behind the wheel, the SHERP ATV didn’t disappoint as they scaled rocks and hills. Splashing through streams, Hart grabs the hand-held radio to signal producers, “They trying to kill me,” according to Wheel Well. Hilariously signaling staff to help, he says, “we definitely just almost died!” It was about that time that Leno navigated the vehicle over a small tree, and the producers responded, “you cannot kill Kevin Hart.”

The comedians traded seats, and Kevin Hart tried his hand at steering the all-terrain mini tank. At one point, he drove toward a pile of rocks and began panicking, taking his hands off the controls and reaching out for Leno’s comfort. “That’s a Black people thing,” Hart said, referring to his reaction. It didn’t take long, though, for Hart to get the hang of things. And once he realized he wasn’t going to die, he had more fun with it.

It’s not the first time Kevin Hart almost died

Kevin Hart may have been in fear for his life with Jay Leno, but fans recognized he wasn’t in any real danger, unlike his real-life brush with death last September. Hart only recently returned to Instagram after a taking a several month break to recover from his Calabasas, CA car accident. He has since recovered and is now using his platform to promote his support of recent protests and systematic culture change. The Ride Along actor has been in over 40 films and shows and has a net worth of around $200 million. Maybe he’ll buy a SHERP ATV, now that he knows how to drive one.

Kevin Hart may have been a little scared at first, during his appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage, and as a passenger in the rugged SHERP ATV. But he eventually got through his fear, and the comedians’ adventures off-roading sure had audiences laughing. One source suggested, while Hart may not be buying the Russian-designed vehicle anytime soon, it would certainly make a great addition to the next Jumanji movie.