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Kevin Hart’s six-part docuseries debuted last month but is still popular among subscribers. Along with Hart and his wife Eniko being candid about Hart’s infidelity, the series touches on other monumental moments in Hart’s career, including his film Night School that was released under his own production company. 

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Kevin Hart 2020 | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Other highs and lows covered was his announcement of hosting the 2019 Oscars, which he later quit following controversy surrounding past comments he made about the LGBT+ community. A fight between Hart and his longtime personal trainer was also a huge topic of discussion amongst viewers. Friends of Hart’s recently spoke on what led to the fight.

Kevin Hart and his personal trainer almost come to blows in Netflix documentary 

Fresh off the heels of his cheating and Oscar scandal, Hart continued to travel the country in promotion of his films and comedy tour. He traveled mainly with his comedy crew and entourage, The Plastic Cup Boyz – as well as with his wife, brand manager, barber, and personal trainer.

Kevin Hart and The Plastic Cup Boyz
Kevin Hart and The Plastic Cup Boyz 2019 | Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

His trainer, Ron “Boss” Everline, has worked with Hart for over five years and the two have built a tight-knit relationship. While they are close, their friendship is tested on a plane ride home from New York back to Los Angeles following a press junket. 

While playing a game of cards, Hart and Boss began a playful banter about finances and security. But things turn ugly when Boss feels that Hart tests his manhood. Hart asks Boss: ‘Do you even know what wealth is? Are you rich? Would you be okay if I ended all this today? Do you even own a home?’

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Boss responds by saying: ‘You’re not the only client I do this for. I had money before you and would have it after you.’ But Hart presses on, replying: ‘You’re not wealthy, answer my question do you have a home?’

Boss doesn’t take Hart’s comments likely and a fight between the two breaks out.

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Viewers have expressed their disgusts with the fight, pointing out Hart’s ego. 

“I saw this video of Kevin Hart talking down to his trainer yesterday and it has been bothering my spirit ever since,” wrote one viewer on Twitter. “I don’t care where you come from or what anyone has done for you, absolutely no-one has a right to speak to you like this.”
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The Plastic Cup Boyz detail what led to the fight between Kevin Hart and his trainer

During a recent interview on The Mike & Donny Show, The Plastic Cup Boyz talked about the explosive fight. Na’im Lynn started by defending Hart and said that though the clip showed Hart in what appeared to be him putting his trainer down, it was taken out of context. 

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“What Kev was asking Boss, he was saying if everything ended today or if you retired and lost all opportunities to work, whether that be with me or anyone else — because he said f**k me, I’m not saying me – would you be okay,” Lynn explained. “Boss felt like he was attacking him and felt like he was saying, ‘Without me, you’re nothing.’ But that’s not what he was saying.”

Lynn also explained that there was a part in the conversation that was edited out of the final cut. “There’s a part cut out where Kev says, ‘I know if everything stops today, I wouldn’t be okay,’ – he says himself he would not be okay,” he said.

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According to Lynn, things escalated after Boss became enraged and knocked the camera out of the camera woman’s hand, which infuriated Hart. From there, Hart spewed derogatory comments Boss’s way, which set Boss off even more.

“Kev is 5’2 on a good day,” Will “Spank” Horton interjected. “The trainer is about 6’1, 6’2 and swollen and looks like he did more than a day [in prison],” he joked.

Boss took the first punch and Hart returned one, causing chaos as the crew was midway through their travels. Their fight was so intense that it literally rocked the plane back and forth. Neither the stewardess nor anyone in Hart’s crew could deescalate the situation, which resulted in an emergency landing and the police getting involved. Neither were arrested.

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What matters most to the crew is that Hart apologized to Boss the next day and the two made amends. The documentary showed Hart’s workout sessions with Boss resume and they even participated in joint business deals in the fitness world.