Khloé Kardashian Has Had the Hardest Life of All Her Sisters, According to Fans

The Kardashians are famous for a lot of things, but struggling probably isn’t one of them. With their over-the-top luxurious lifestyle and relentless pursuit of fame, people don’t always consider the impact their lives have had on them as people. Recently some fans got into a discussion about who has had the toughest time in the Kar-Jenner clan, and one person came out on top — or bottom in this case. 

In a Reddit discussion, people voted on which of the famous family has had the toughest road. Khloé Kardashian got the most votes, and the discussion turned to why. Fans pointed to several factors that have affected her.

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A chaotic school life

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“I think Khloe was a really unhappy kid,” one commenter said. “She went to FIVE schools during K-8th grade, even though the family stayed in the LA area that whole time. Then she went to Marymount with Kim for ninth grade but left because she felt like she didn’t have any friends without her sisters.”

Although the Kardashians lived in the same area for all of Khloé’s school years, she went to a number of different schools, according to People. The reason for that is that after her parents divorced, they moved her several times in an effort to find a placement that was convenient for both of them. 

In high school, Khloé felt that her only allies were her sisters Kourtney and Kim. When they graduated, she struggled so much that she forged her parents’ signatures, so she could withdraw from high school and start homeschooling. 

Body shaming from all corners

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Another point that was brought up in the Reddit conversation was how Khloé has been treated for her weight. “Khloe I think was dealt a very bad hand with her whole storyline being about her being the ugly fat sister when that was not even the case once the show started,” one person pointed out. Another agreed, saying, “Khloe for a big part of the show seemed to struggle a lot with her appearance. She was constantly compared to Kim and Kourtney which is obviously hard.”

Khloé is quite a bit taller than her sister Kim (who is 5’2″) and Kourtney (who is 5 foot even). Being tall naturally means she has a bigger frame. Because she was always compared to her petite sisters, Khloé has often been called fat, even when she was at a healthy weight. Khloé has worked very hard to whittle her body down to an “acceptable” size, even making fitness an important part of her career. However, some experts believe that her approach to weight isn’t healthy

Questions about her father 

When Khloé is compared to her sisters, her body size isn’t the only painful issue that comes up. Because she is so much taller, and she looks different (at least, until recently), rumors have circulated about who her father really is. 

“Obviously, she physically stands out and there’s all the paternity speculation,” one person noted. Another agreed that it was hard on her, “because no one will shut up about where her DNA comes from.”

Khloé and her siblings Kourtney, Kim, and Rob, were all born during their mom’s marriage to Robert Kardashian Sr. However, it’s well known that Kris had more than one affair during the marriage. Because of this, people have speculated that the man she believed to be her father isn’t actually the one who conceived her. 

The family tried to put these rumors to rest with DNA tests in 2018. When they saw the results they seemed to confirm that Robert Sr. was her father. However, viewers were quick to point out that the test they used wasn’t to determine parentage, but racial background. For some, the question is still unanswered. 

Some people are sure that Khloé has had the hardest road of anyone in her family. Perhaps someday she’ll find a life for herself outside the public eye, and she will also find some peace.