Khloé Kardashian Is Promoting Yet Another Controversial Beauty Product to Her Fans

Khloé Kardashian rose to fame in 2007 as a star on the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Over the years, she has also established herself as a popular influencer. Kardashian often uses her social media fame to promote various products, though not all of them are well-received by people. Her latest advertising campaign is focused on yet another questionable product that have been criticized by experts.

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Khloé Kardashian and her sisters have received backlash for advertising controversial products

Given their popularity, Kardashian and her sisters can pull in a lot of money from advertising. However, they are also occasionally called “snake oil salesmen” by critics for peddling miracle products with claims that are not scientifically-backed.

For example, the Kardashians have promoted various weight loss products, such as diet tea, lollipops, pills, and smoothies. Experts have warned that these products do not work and could even have unintended side effects. Meanwhile, actress and body activist Jameela Jamil have long criticized the Kardashians for promoting unhealthy body ideals to women with their weight loss products.

Khloé Kardashian is now promoting ingestible collagen

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Kardashian recently teamed up with Dose & Co to promote the company’s various ingestible collagen products.

In an interview with Elle, Kardashian shared that she started getting into Dose & Co collagen products after her pregnancy.

“I obsessed over ‘How am I going to make this earth better? And how am I going to make myself better now that I have a kid?’” she said. “You go down these rabbit holes. I really wanted to fix myself from the inside out. Someone told me about doing collagen powders once I was done being pregnant.”

Kardashian continued, “Dose and Co has such pure, impressive ingredients. The amount of collagen grams was totally different than some of the others on the market. I love the price point, but the selling point was that the packaging is all plastic free.”

Kardashian’s oldest sister, Kourtney, has also been promoting collagen products. Most notably, she partnered with Vital Proteins on products like collagen tea and collagen latte.

What experts have to say about Khloé Kardashian’s new product promotion

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Fans of ingestible collagen often tout it as a secret to healthy hair, skin, and nails. However, experts point out that there is a lack of scientific evidence to support these promises. As such, ingestible collagen has been a hot topic of debate in the health field.

For example, according to dietician Marissa Meshulam, collagen is simply protein, which your body breaks down into amino acids to build into different tissues in the body. However, the problem is that your body is not necessarily using ingestible collagen to build collagen in your body.

“The body does not care if you ingested collagen or any other protein source— all protein sources are indistinguishable by the time we absorb them,” Meshulam told Yahoo Life. “The body does not treat amino acids from collagen differently from any other protein source.”

As such, Meshulam noted that it “may be difficult to determine which ingredient or combination of ingredients is leading to improvements in the skin.” She pointed out that some people believe “these collagen breakdown products serve as a signal to tell your skin cells to rev up new collagen production,” but there is not enough scientific evidence to back this up.

Ultimately, many experts agree that ingestible collagen products—like the ones Kardashian is promoting—likely won’t do too much harm. However, it is still important to consult a doctor before taking any health supplements.