Khloé Kardashian Said Kris Jenner Made Her ‘So Afraid’ of Sex

Khloé Kardashian got real during a candid discussion about sex on an episode of Lady Parts With Sarah Hyland. During the chat, Kardashian and her sister Kourtney shared their views on sex and pregnancy and it seems mom Kris Jenner really scared Khloé about sex when she was a teen.

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Khloé Kardashian said Kris Jenner made sex seem scary

The sex talk for Khloé was slightly different from the one her two older sisters Kourtney and Kim got, it seems.

Khloé revealed that she started taking birth control around 14 or 15 and her parents used a tactic that made her truly worried about sex.

“I think I had it easier because of Kourtney and Kim,” Khloé shared on Lady Parts. “When you’re the third child, they’ve already heard it all and I think the shock of their daughters having sex before marriage has already gone out the window.”

While it may have been easier in that respect, her parents did use a bit of a scare tactic. “I was so afraid of getting pregnant,” she said. “My parents scared the sh*t out of me and would show me like, ‘This is herpes.’ And would show me photos.”

They wanted her to “look at all these visuals” to educate her, but it did scare Khloé. “If I had sex, this is what was gonna happen to me. And so, I was so afraid,” she explained.

Being on birth control made her feel “a lot safer,” as she explained, “I didn’t want to be a teen mom. I didn’t want to get pregnant before I was ready to really get pregnant and understand those responsibilities fully.”

Kourtney Kardashian said her sex education was different

Kourtney had a different experience with sex education, with her parents focusing on abstinence. “Khloé and I have different memories, we’re only five years apart but, we were always told you don’t have sex until you’re married,” Kourtney explained.

“It wasn’t even like, an option,” she added.

Khloé said that she benefitted from her older sisters because she would hear them talking about sex “while they were having girl talk.”

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Khloé Kardashian wants more kids

During their discussion, Khloé also shared some insight into her plans to have more children — something that got sidelined with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

“I actually have done IVF about three different times,” Khloé said. “I froze my eggs once already and when I was ready to make embryos with Tristan, I was making embryos.”

“I’m so grateful that I decided to make embryos,” she continued. “I’m 36, but as young as I am, what if I was 40 and then my eggs aren’t as healthy, so then I’d have to do IVF again to make embryos, and we realized my eggs aren’t strong enough to be frozen. They should be mixed immediately with sperm to make embryos.”

She definitely wanted to have a second child sooner than later but the pandemic made things shift slightly. “My plan was to have kids closer in age, but now with COVID and everything, my plan’s been a little delayed,” Khloé explained. “But I definitely do want more kids.”

“I think it’s such a blessing, especially during these times, to have a family member or people you can play with and rely on and just have a buddy through life,” she added.