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Khloé Kardashian proved she doesn’t really care what any of her critics think, thank you very much. In response to a new series of photos she posted on Instagram, fans once again pointed out that her face looks different than it used to. She shut it down with the perfect comeback, short and sweet, but totally hilarious.

Khloe Kardashian attends the Fashion Nova x Cardi B collaboration launch event
Khloé Kardashian | Michael Tullberg/WireImage

Kardashian posted new Instagram pics and people had opinions

Kardashian shared some new photos on Instagram and, among the praise for the reality star beauty, there were those who called her out for her changing looks. “Why do you look so different in all your photos?,” one fan asked in the comments.

She had the perfect response, naturally. “From my weekly face transplant clearly,” Kardashian answered.

Clearly, Kardashian doesn’t have time for the haters and shut it down in the best possible way. When another follower commented, “that moment when ppl are dying but u still gotta post that selfie to get that money lol…,” Kardashian responded, “What money do I get from posting this? Check my stories lover.”

She also answered one fan who commented, “Forehead looks bigger now lol,” writing, “I have no idea what that means.” Hater aside, there was mostly love for the new pics.

Kardashian’s previous post had fans confused

The comment about Kardashian’s latest selfie series isn’t surprising considering the photos she had posted previously where she looked completely unrecognizable.

“This isn’t khloe kardashian?! Am I crazy,” one fan wondered on Twitter. Another noted, “Ummm. This looks like an avatar of Khloe. I’m so confused.”

There was plenty of blame placed on extreme Photoshopping, as one person tweeted, “No, no, no! There is no way that’s Khloe. That’s beyond photoshopping. She’s an entirely different person!”

Most people believed it was just some heavy-handed photo editing at work but there were those who wondered if Kardashian had plastic surgery since she looked so different than she usually does.


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Fans played detective

On Reddit, there was a full-on investigation into the matter and fans pointed out some interesting details they noticed in the pics.

The proof is in the little things. “Half of her necklace chain is gone,” one Redditor explained. “That whole area is off. I can see a hint of the chain that was there and the area right where her neck and hair meet has an unexplainable brown chunk of color — I can’t tell if it’s a shadow or her hair,” another Reddit user pointed out.

“I think what’s so disconcerting with them is each eye is looking in a slightly different direction. As well as one higher than the other,” another Redditor wrote. “Also, half her necklace chain is missing. Think it’s 2 photos merged into one.”

“Whoever photoshopped this went a little crazy. I zoomed in and it looks like her left front tooth is coming out of her lip,” another Reddit user said.