Khloé Kardashian Recalls the Time She Saw a UFO

Much like great scientists before her, Khloé Kardashian is a firm believer in aliens. Though she claimed on Twitter in 2015 that she witnessed a UFO streaking across the night sky, it turns out that that’s not the only time she’s seen the bizarre phenomenon with her own eyes.

While recently appearing on the Emergency Contact podcast with her best friend Malika Haqq, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star opened up about when she saw an unidentified flying object while driving around Hollywood.

Khloé Kardashian | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian claims she once saw a UFO, but her BFF Malika Haqq still doesn’t believe her

Kardashian may be convinced she saw a UFO back in the day, but her BFF Malika Haqq isn’t too sure about that.

During an Oct. 12 appearance on Emergency Contact with Simon Huck & Melissa Gray Washington, the reality star recalled the time she witnessed an extraterrestrial while driving around town.

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“I did see a UFO. It was years ago, and I was driving my Hummer at the time, right?” Kardashian began. “We were driving and I saw one. We were driving by the Sepulveda area in the San Fernando Valley, and I told Malika and she didn’t look up fast enough and I saw a UFO.”

Though Kardashian is certain she caught sight of the unearthly object, Haqq isn’t convinced an unidentified flying object flew across the sky that day — and her disbelief has caused her and the Good American founder to get into heated debates.

“She didn’t believe me. She missed it,” Kardashian continued. “Until this day, we argue about it. But I also have a UFO on video that I did see.”

Haqq quickly chimed in that though she believes Kardashian sees UFOs, she’s still on the fence about her friend’s alien sighting that happened years ago.

“Now I know she’s really seeing them,” Haqq said. “The debate is really that specific day years ago. I did not see it.”

Kardashian tripped out after witnessing extraterrestrials in 2015

Though Kardashian doesn’t have evidence that she saw a UFO all those years ago, she does does have video footage of what appeared to be aliens shooting across the night sky back in 2015.

The reality star was one of the many Southern California dwellers who witnessed UFO-like shapes flying in the air. Although the government claimed the sighting was just a missile test, Kardashian believes she saw an unidentified flying object and quickly took to Twitter to share her thoughts on extraterrestrials.

Not only did she assert that aliens are real by sharing a video of UFOs flying across the sky, but Kardashian also got her younger sister, Kendall Jenner, involved by claiming that she also saw the unearthly object.

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“Kendall and I are spazzing out,” the Revenge Body host tweeted. “#WeAreNotAlone #UFO @KendallJenner,” she penned in another post.

Kardashian even called out the government for trying to conceal the existence of aliens, as she seemed unimpressed by the whole “naval test fire” explanation.

“Of course they are because the government doesn’t want to admit that we are not alone,” she wrote, before adding, “No further details” yeah ok….. Thanks that’s because #WeAreNotAlone #AdmitIt.”

Though it’s unclear if aliens actually exist, it appears Kardashian is 100% certain extraterrestrials are real.