Khloé Kardashian Said ‘KUWTK’ Almost Didn’t Happen: The Show Was Originally ‘Filler’

As Keeping Up With the Kardashians wraps up soon with its final season, Khloé Kardashian is reminding fans that the show almost didn’t happen. It’s hard to imagine that the wildly successful KUWTK was originally passed over before getting a chance as “filler” on E!.

Kardashian-Jenners of 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians'
Kardashian-Jenners of ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ | Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Khloé Kardashian shared the history of ‘KUWTK’

During a Jan. 25 appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kardashian revealed that the show had a rough start, which is surprising since it went on for 20 seasons.

“I think we shot a pilot or something for Ryan [Seacrest] and it didn’t go anywhere,” Kardashian recalled. “And then a show on E! fell through, so they needed something to fill this dead air time. And they were like, ‘You’re getting on the show, start filming, you’re getting on the air, like, in two weeks.'”

Of course, they were thrilled to get a shot at doing the show, as Kardashian said, “We were so excited, asking what to expect.” They were told not to get their hopes up however, as she remembered they were told, “Don’t get too comfortable here. It’s, like, just filler.”

‘KUWTK’ was relatable

Since they didn’t have high hopes for the show going anywhere, Kardashian shared that they were keeping things real in those early days. “I actually really appreciate that because we were just thinking, ‘Oh, we’re not gonna have a season two, let’s just film, it’s fun, let’s just be ourselves. This isn’t gonna go anywhere.’”

That likely was the reason the show caught on like it did. “I think we had no pressure on ourselves,” Kardashian shared. “We didn’t even have time to think about it; to really, like, have any preconceived, fake anything. It was just who we are on the fly and I think that’s what made the show so good is that we just weren’t thinking. We were just being us.”

“And it turned out that was probably the best thing to happen to us because it was so, I think, relatable and realistic to some people,” she added.

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Are the Kardashians done with reality shows?

When Hulu announced a deal with the Kardashians, fans wondered if they had a new ‘Keeping Up’ style reality show in the works. Hulu announced in December 2020: “The Kardashian Jenners will create new global content under a multi-year deal, to stream exclusively on Hulu in the US and in multiple territories on Star internationally.”

When the family wrapped filming in January, they posted a video on their Instagram account. Kim Kardashian seemed to indicate that their reality show days are now over.

“Hey guys,” she said to the camera. “We just finished filming. Forever. Like, forever ever.”

“We’re done,” Kim added. “We’re never filming again. That’s so crazy. Cheers to 15 years, 20 seasons of craziness, and lots of love.”

Was Kim only talking about finishing filming KUWTK … and there’s another reality show coming on Hulu? We’re patiently waiting to find out.