These Are Khloé Kardashian’s Super Simple Fitness Tips for the New Year

Since she first became a public figure in 2007 on her family’s hit reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, we’ve watched Khloé Kardashian transform her body. The mom of one has been open about how she was bullied for not being skinny and petite like her sisters, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian.

Following her divorce from former NBA star Lamar Odom, Kardashian decided to transform herself. Though she hasn’t been candid about any cosmetic enhancements that she may have used to aide in her transformation, the Revenge Body star has shared her love of fitness with her fans.

With a disastrous 2019 behind her, Kardashian is looking ahead and she’s revealing some of her best fitness tips for the biggest transformations.

Khloé Kardashian’s workouts are incredibly intense

It’s no secret that Kardashian loves the gym — her 35th birthday party had a whole blinged-out workout room for guests to enjoy. However, don’t expect Kardashian to just walk on an incline on the treadmill — her workouts are extremely intense.

Kardashian’s personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson created a HITT training regimen for the starlet so that she could get a quick and effective full-body workout. According to Women’s Health, the workouts include, jumping jacks, deadlifts, jogging in place among other well-known moves.

Peterson also recommends that people rotate in cardio days as well.

Khloé Kardashian eats a ton

Kardashian doesn’t really have a diet, but she does have a nutritious lifestyle that involves seven meals per day. The KarJenner family nutritionist Philip Goglia revealed that Kardashian eats seven meals that consist of healthy fats and protein, as well as fruits and vegetables.

According to Stylecaster, the Good American founder typically begins her day with a whey protein shake with almond butter and fruit. She will then have another piece of fruit as a snack in the morning. For lunch, True’s mom has chicken, salad, and vegetables, followed by celery or tomatoes with almonds for a snack. Dinner usually consists of salmon or sea bass and another piece of fruit before bed.

Inside Khloé Kardashian’s fitness tips for the New Year

Like many of us, Kardashian knows that fitness is a journey. Therefore, she is sharing some of her most helpful tips.

“Beast mode!! It’s a lifestyle!” she wrote. “Baby steps everyday” and set “small, realistic goals. I always get asked why do I work out so early in the morning. I work out anywhere between 5:30 or 7 a.m. Once you reach that goal, reward yourself. If you mess up, you have tomorrow to start again.”

Kardashian also cautioned against setting unrealistic goals. “In the end, that will only get you discouraged and possibly have you give up.” she said. “Set small goals and praise yourself once you reach that goal. Then set another small goal. You got this!!!! Slow and steady! It’s a lifestyle! 🐢🐢🐢”

The KUWTK star also added that working out also helps with her mental health. She said, “For me working out is so therapeutic for my mental health. It helps keep me sane. I feel badass when I’m in the gym.”

“I love once I start seeing results, it just keeps me going. I’m proud of myself and the things that I can accomplish in the gym,” she added.