Khloé Kardashian’s Biggest Pet Peeves Include Burping and Poor Manners

Khloé Kardashian rose to fame in the mid-2000s. The reality star and her family became household names once Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired for the first time on Oct. 14, 2007. Since then, Kardashian’s fans have watched her share multiple milestones, including the birth of her and Tristan Thompson’s daughter, True Thompson. 

Although the 36-year-old entrepreneur is transparent about many facets of her life, she recently shared some of her vexations. 

Khloé Kardashian at a charity event in 2018.
Khloé Kardashian|Rich Fury/Getty Images

Khloé Kardashian obsessed with cleaning

Viewers of KUWTK learned more about the famous family as the seasons progressed. Many fans watched as Kim Kardashian West struggled with a fear of spiders. Additionally, Kourtney Kardashian has frequently shared her healthy lifestyle choices with her supporters. In season 18, True’s mom opened up more about her obsession with keeping a clean house. During one episode, Kris Jenner admitted that she was concerned for Kardashian, who frequently cleaned her new home after renovation. Jenner begged her daughter to speak with a therapist to discuss her cleaning obsession.

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After she begrudgingly went to the appointment, Kardashian felt better about her self-described “KhlO-C-D.” However, she admitted in her confessional during the episode that she isn’t changing her ways anytime soon.

“Taking pride in your home, in your things — there are things that I like, and they just can’t have power over me,” Kardashian said. “This has been embedded in me my whole life, so acting a certain way is not going to happen with a couple of exercises. I’m not going to change. But I’m working on it because it’s not a good way to live.”

Khloé Kardashian finds 1 of her pet peeves ‘disgusting’ 

In Oct. 2020, Kardashian and her best friend, Malika Haqq, appeared on an episode of Emergency Contact with Simon Huck & Melissa Gray Washington. During the guest spot, the Khloé and Lamar alum discussed KUWTK’s final season. 

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Before the podcast, the hosts quizzed Haqq on Kardashian’s biggest pet peeves. Toward the end of the interview, the Revenge Body host shared that her pet peeves include burping, poor manners, and dirty spaces. 

“Mine is manners, like if you have poor manners to people,” Kardashian said. 

“Or like burping,” she continued. “It’s disgusting.”

Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband, Lamar Odom, wrote about her cleaning habits

Kardashian’s frequent need for a clean house was something her ex, Lamar Odom, admired. The couple got married in 2009 after 30 days of knowing each other. However, their marriage ended in 2016 due to the former NBA star’s infidelity and drug use. 

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In 2019, Odom released a memoir, Darkness to Light. The book contains anecdotes of his life with Kardashian, who has a reported net worth of $50 million. He wrote in one chapter that he admired his ex-wife’s cleanliness and attention to detail. 

“Unlike me, she was always on time and never missed appointments,” Odom said of Kardashian.  “I loved her for that and wanted those things to rub off on me. She had this endearing kind of OCD where she couldn’t stand having a mess in her house and would constantly rearrange things after I unsettled them.”

“I’m not the tidiest person in the world,” he continued. “It only takes about a day for my hotel room to look like a disaster area. She would put her foot down on stuff like that all the time. No other girl had ever done that with me. I thought it was sexy.”