Khloé Kardashian’s Pink Lamb Theme Baby Shower Sparks Rumors She’s Pregnant Again

Khloé Kardashian showed off what appeared to be baby shower decorations and treats on her Instagram Story and fans have a lot of questions. Is Khloé pregnant again? That’s just one theory swirling about the pink lamb party theme she shared with fans since she didn’t provide any explanation. Always keep ‘em guessing!

Khloe Kardashian attends 2019 E! People's Choice Awards
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Kardashian showed off a pink lamb party theme

On July 12, Kardashian took to her Instagram Story to show the cutest pink lamb themed party decorations and food. The party décor could only mean one thing — someone’s having a baby! But who?

Her post started with a pic of the pink lamb flower arrangements, followed by a video of the giant floral piece that was positioned by a table set with pink roses, pink table cloth, and place settings that used baby blocks to spell out guest’s names on their plates.

She then showed off shelves full of goodies — cookies and cupcakes decorated with lambs, of course, and what looked like pink cotton candy and other sweet treats.

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Is Kardashian pregnant again?

Since she didn’t give any explanation, naturally fans’ imaginations ran wild as they tried to figure out if the pink baby shower décor and food meant that Kardashian was dropping a big hint that she’s pregnant. Or was the party for someone else?

A Reddit discussion had people making their best guests, as one Redditor posted an image from her Story, asking, “Khloe’s pink lamb party… maybe baby???”

They added, “Khloe posted on her Instagram Story today a few pics and videos from a party at what looks like Kylie’s old house. Everything is pink and lamb/sheep themed. Weird… maybe she is releasing a new Good American line out of wool?”

They continued, “BUT… as pictured, the place cards are blocks. Like… baby toys. So we know Khloé froze her eggs/embryos. But we haven’t seen a bump…. WHAT IF SHE IS HAVING A BABY VIA SURROGATE??? Is this a baby shower???”

Those looking for answers could only find theories and speculation, with some wondering if the shower was for a friend or other family member.

“Hmm, I feel like this was a baby shower for Khloé’s assistant Alexa,” one Reddit user explained. “This is pure speculation but Alexa posted on her story at the party today and if you look at all her recent pics her stomach is either covered or she wearing a big shirt. It would make sense that Khloé would throw her a little baby shower because they seem really close.”

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Is Rob Kardashian expecting?

Others speculated that maybe her brother Rob Kardashian is expecting a baby, as he had posted a photo of his legs and shoes and used the pregnant woman emoji in the caption.

“It could just mean that he hates his belly fat. But it could also mean that both he and his lady look pregnant,” one fan noted. “On the other hand Khloé is posting quotes again, and it seems like she’s preparing for backlash and comforting herself.”

Another Redditor pointed out, “Did you see him and Khloé’s comments?! She commented a bunch of purple hearts and he responded ‘belly bump me’ to which she replied, ‘belly bump me babe!’ Sounds like an inside joke??”

Another Reddit user wondered if it’s Kourtney who is pregnant because she was pictured holding a lamb recently. “I don’t think it’s Khloé though,” they added. “It definitely seems like she is a guest at the party. And the elegant lamb theme does not look like her style and neither Kylie’s. They would probably have their own faces or their kids’ faces involved in the decor…”

Maybe it’s not baby-related at all?

There were other theories that perhaps Kardashian has a non-pregnancy related announcement and this theme has to do with that. “She is going to be on The View this week so she must have something to talk about/announce,” one fan noted.

One Redditor agreed with the original poster’s idea that it could be the release of a Good American wool line, while another said, “Maybe it’s a Good American baby/toddler line or maternity clothes? Hence the theme.”

Other fans made another “lamb” connection, as one Redditor pointed out with this wild theory: “Wasn’t ‘Lamb’ her nickname for Lamar? Obviously she is having a baby with Lamar.”

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