The Kids in ‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Stole the Show and Should be the Focus in Third Film

John Kraskinski’s A Quiet Place Part II picks right up where the first film left off, and it provides the background of when the sound-sensitive aliens came to terrorize. The first film emphasized the trauma the Abbott family has experienced, but it also left room for an important aspect. The children of the family are taught and expected to survive.

The second film, however, shows the kids leading the way. Through injuries and in the face of literal death Regan and Marcus learn how to protect, fight, and lead the family after the tragic death of their father, Lee. If a third film does eventually premiere, the children should be central to the storyline.

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Millicent Simmonds at “A Quiet Place Part II” World Premiere at the Rose Theater in New York | Mike Coppola/Getty Images

The first movie introduced the trauma for the kids

One of the biggest plot points in the film is that Regan is frustrated with Lee. She believes he blames her for the death of her youngest brother. But venturing off on her own foreshadows Regan’s ability to defy the odds against her since she can’t hear sounds.

Aside from Regan’s strong character, Marcus is also a budding leader and learns how to defend his family. When they come back from their brief fishing trip, Lee and Marcus get separated as Evelyn gives birth to their newest child.

Fortunately, Marcus and his sister make a durable team. Nearly drowning in the grain silo is a unique experience for Marcus, but the siblings push through the difficulties together. It’s clear that they had to grow up faster and learn how to survive.

When they see Lee die, the siblings know that they will have to pick up the slack and defend the family.

How are Regan and Marcus empowered in the sequel?

Now that the Abbott family knows how to weaken the monsters, they know how to handle a fight. As the film’s heroine, Regan discovers the radio sound and understands the rest of humanity is somewhere out there. Once she leaves with only her gun and cochlear implant, Regan establishes herself as the new leader of the Abbott group and the leader above Emmett. She starts the path to their future by persevering.

But Regan’s strength is also seen in her brother throughout the movie. He endures a wound that requires medical attention and yet still cares for the baby while his mother goes out for supplies. Both siblings show how grown up they really are as caretakers and defenders.

However, the defining moment for this brother and sister team is in the end when both find themselves up against a monster. While Marcus defends Evelyn and the baby, Regan defends Emmett (and the rest of humanity) by broadcasting the shrill creature-repelling sound. The side-by-side scene shows the children as the reigning heroes while the adults look at them shocked and relieved. The fact that the kids are the saviors presents a potential backdrop for a third film.

The children could be the leaders of the third film

Although there has been no public green light for the project yet, Millicent Simmonds (who plays Regan) shared with Us Weekly, “I am definitely optimistic and looking forward to a potential trilogy because I’m curious about what will happen for the family. But if I’m being honest, I personally have no idea what will happen on the third.”

Even though Simmonds is uncertain of it, the potential plot for the third film could focus on Regan’s discovery, Marcus’s injury, and how the two siblings will maintain their newfound confidence in defending the family. Their character growth would be crucial to the third movie if it is in the works.

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