‘Kids Baking Championship’: Annoyed Fans Think New Commentary From Parents Is ‘Stupid’

The Food Network has produced a lot of competitive and entertaining food shows over the years, but the Kids Baking Championship tops the cake in being the most adorable and charming series of them all. Not to mention the young kids are so talented at baking that they could easily be successful in owning their own shops. On the other hand, fans aren’t liking recent changes. Many are even calling the new commentary from parents a “stupid” addition to the show

(L-R) Valerie Bertinelli and Brittany Jones-Cooper talking on a stage in front of a screen with the 'Kids Baking Championship' logo
(L-R) Valerie Bertinelli and Brittany Jones-Cooper | Dominik Bindl/Getty Images

Food Network’s ‘Kids Baking Championship’ before the pandemic 

Food Network’s Kids Baking Championship invites 12 incredibly talented young bakers to join the show for some friendly competition, leading to a whopping $25,000 and a spot in Food Network Magazine. They go through several challenges meant to test their abilities until the winner is chosen. Challenges have come with various themes, such as sweet and savory, rainbow cakes, specific ingredients, animals, dessert imposters, and more.

According to Food Network, co-hosts and mentors Duff Goldman and Valerie Bertinelli are impressed by not only the “grown-up desserts” the kids can bake but the strength and composure they bring to the show, despite their efforts being criticized and judged at such a young age. “These kids have such backbone,” Duff said. “If you were to critique my food the way we do theirs, I’d be like, ‘You’re wrong!'” Valerie agrees with Duff, “I could never be as poised as they are.”

‘Kids Baking Championship’ adjusted to COVID-19 precautions

Since filming the Kids Baking Championship during the pandemic, fans have been introduced to a lovely new twist to the show. Instead of the typical suspense of only watching the kids handle the pressure and react to the results, creators added their parents’ reactions from behind the scenes. Now when you sit down to watch the show, you’ll get a look into how each parent reacts to any twist and turn of the competition

Although it hasn’t been explicitly said by Food Network, viewers are assuming the new additions are due to the pandemic and its related rules and regulations, considering the timing.

On the other hand, according to The Futon Critic, Courtney White, the President of Food Network, says the change was added to the show for an extra “element of excitement” for viewers. “Kids Baking Championship has become a family-favorite showcasing mini bakers with major skills, and now the bakers’ families are included on the new season,” White said. “The bakers’ parent’s reactions from backstage add a new element of excitement to this action-packed competition.”

What fans think about the new commentary from the parents


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Although Food Network intended for audiences to appreciate the addition of the kids’ parents, it seems viewers are a bigger fan of the old way of doing things. In fact, some Reddit users called it stupid, distracting, and an imperfect solution. “The new format with the parents commenting (why…) is kinda stupid, though,” one fan pointed out. “I wish they’d go back to the old format.”

“I appreciated knowing they were behind the scenes, but this commentary, it’s very distracting to the kids,” another user said. “And the eliminations are hard this season because of the parents consoling the kids.”

Kids Baking Championship isn’t the only show that was forced to change things up, and it’s certainly not the worst alternative to the circumstances.

[Correction: An earlier version had an incorrect prize amount for the winner.]