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Kiely Williams on Possible Cheetah Girls Reunion: ‘You Never Know’

In a time where so many groups are getting back together, fans are wondering when a Cheetah Girls reunion will happen. Broaching the topic, Kiely Williams told Entertainment Tonight she could definitely see one happening. But it doesn't look like there are any official plans in the works just yet.

Could a Cheetah Girls reunion happen? It’s been over a decade since the group disbanded, but judging from social media conversations, there are plenty of people who would love to get new music from them. In June, Kiely Williams gave an interview where she addressed the possibility of a Cheetah Girls reunion, saying she could see if happening.

The Cheetah Girls pose for a photo at an industry event with singer Jessica Benson of 3LW
The Cheetah Girls with singer Jessica Benson | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Kiely Williams on a possible Cheetah Girls reunion

Williams was interviewing with Entertainment Tonight when she was asked if she would be open to reuniting with her 3LW bandmates Adrienne Bailon and Naturi Naughton. Considering their falling out, especially with Naughton, she didn’t think it could work. But a Cheetah Girls reunion, she said, might have a better turnout.

“Cheetah Girls is probably the avenue that it would be just because regardless of past history, everyone is so professional,” she explained. “There is a healthy amount of ego there, but I really think that we all approach the Cheetah Girls from a really professional standpoint.”

She continued, discussing how “good” it felt to be part of the group, which also featured Raven-Symoné, Sabrina Bryan, and Bailon. “You were inspiring young women, you got to see 6-year-old kids and their eyes light up. It was just such a fulfilling experience,” she added. “I can’t see all the women saying no to that, just because of how good I know it made all of us feel, so you never know.”

Kiely Williams is at least the second person to vouch for a Cheetah Girls reunion

Williams’ comments come just over a year after Raven-Symoné told Entertainment Tonight that she would be open to a reunion, though she feared it could also go “sideways” due to certain personalities within the group.

“I need to talk to the girls first because we need to curate an answer,” she told the news outlet. “This can go so sideways on so many levels. But listen, um, I’m down with Adrienne. Whatever Adrienne’s down to do, I’m down. I will work with Adrienne for the rest of my life. She’s awesome sauce. I love everybody in their own ways. It’s just… listen, real girlfriends have their moments.”


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But for now, she’s focused on other things

It remains to be seen if a Cheetah Girls reunion will happen, but Williams doesn’t seem to be sweating it either way.

She’s actually working on forming a supergroup with singers Aubrey O’Day, Nivea, Shamari DeVoe, Irish Grinstead, LeMisha Grinstead, Pamela Long, Felisha King, and Fallon King. The process is being documented on BET Presents The Encore, which airs at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesdays.