‘Killing Eve’ Season 3, Episode 3 Recap: ‘Meetings Have Biscuits’

Last week’s episode of Killing Eve found Eve getting back in the saddle as she mourned Kenny’s death, and Konstantin reuniting with Villanelle. Clinging to delusions of grandeur with a career in management, Villanelle tried her hand at being a supervisor. It did not work out.

By the end of episode 2, she learned that her nemesis/object of her desire, Eve, was still alive. In that moment, another part of Villanelle came online. It was the setup leading into episode 3, which is recapped below.

[Spoiler Alert: This article contains MAJOR spoilers for “Meetings Have Biscuits.” Read at your own risk.]

Killing Eve: Villanelle
Jodie Comer | Ludovic Robert/BBCAmerica/Sid Gentle

Villanelle is back to killing; Eve assembles a team

The scene opens in Andalusia where Villanelle/Oksana is dressed in overalls, a tee, and head scarf while playing a piano in a large mansion. The homeowner tells her to treat the piano with respect, and moments later, she kills the woman by throwing a dagger at the back of her head.

She hears a baby crying, goes upstairs, and after taunting the nanny with her death versus the baby, takes the nanny out too.

At Carolyn’s home, Eve barges in while her ex-boss is taking a bath to talk about Kenny. They seat up in the kitchen along with Kenny’s boss Bear, Mo, and Geraldine. They agree to share evidence/notes to look into Kenny’s death.

In Spain, Villanelle, with the baby in tow, meets with Dasha at their café spot. Dasha puts the baby in a trash can to ensure Villanelle has no distractions, and they laugh.

As they argue over her next assignment, a crowd forms around the abandoned baby in the garbage. It’s classic Killing Eve chaos.

Eve visits Kenny’s office and looks into some accounts Kenny was investigating. They discover he coded it in his Rubik’s cube, and the account name is Panda, an agent killed by The Twelve.

Eve explains all this to Bear and Jamie and realizes they need to rope in MI6 to dig into the account. She meets with a reluctant Mo for help.

Elsewhere, Konstantin meets with an accountant who manages the accounts for The Twelve, including the Geneva one that Eve and her crew are checking out. He learns $6 million was siphoned and plans to look into it. Uh oh.

Villanelle arrives in London with an agenda; Carolyn executes her own agenda

Things switch to Villanelle exiting a cab in London. She visits a perfumery to ask for a custom blend, “I want to smell like a Roman centurion who’s come across an old foe,” she says. It’s obvious who she has in mind.

That evening, Carolyn goes to a bar for a date but is “stood up.” On her way out, she bumps into an old lover named Henry, and they go out for a meal. Here, viewers learn he works in finance in Geneva. They chat, and of course this is all a ruse to gather intel.

The next morning, Carolyn shares what she learned about the account with Eve and Mo. They agree to talk to the accountant who is in Kensington.

A reunion for the ages

Villanelle, still on a shopping spree, is in a Build-a-Bear type toy shop where you can create talking stuffed animals. She plays around with the voice recorder and after practicing several mean messages, says, “I can’t stop thinking about you.”

When Eve goes to the psychiatric center to see Niko, she finds out he checked out. Dumbfounded he left without telling her, she learns he may have gone to Poland. She’s hurt.

Defeated, she gets on a bus and is approached by none other than Villanelle. It’s the moment fans were waiting for all season. She tells Eve she’s not here for her.

Eve goes off and the women tussle on the bus before Villianelle straddles her and tells Eve to smell her. It’s tense, and they kiss briefly before Eve headbutts Villanelle.

The assassin jets off the bus and glances back, and the frenemies gaze at each through the window. Eve, disheveled and bruised, makes her way to Kenny’s office and says, “I don’t want to talk about it.”

The stakeout goes terribly wrong

Mo and Carolyn stake out the accountant’s office from their parking space on the street. Eve is nearby, disguised in a policeman’s uniform on a motorcycle.

The accountant makes Carolyn, but they pick him up and put him in the car. As they ride, Eve deduces Villanelle is after Carolyn and tries to call her. No answer.

Villanelle pulls Mo and Carolyn over, gets out, and aims her gun at Carolyn, whose face is a mix of shock and peace. She shoots, and glass shatters in slow motion.

The piercing sound finally stops, and Mo, afraid, shakes Carolyn. Her eyes are closed, the side of her head is bloody, but she is alive! It’s the accountant who was Villanelle’s target.

A shaken Carolyn goes home and tells her daughter she’s okay. We don’t think she’s telling the truth. In a different scene, Konstantin lies down in his bed without noticing the lump under the covers.

Villanelle hilariously scares him. She tells him she killed the accountant, and now wants Konstantin to find her birth family. After antagonizing him some more, he leaves to sleep in another room.

Eve arrives home and something feels off, so she says, “Hello?” No one is there—except for the sound of a muffled voice. She discovers a stuffed bear who keeps repeating Villanelle’s voice, “Admit it, Eve. You wish I was here.” Eve rips it open and is angry but intrigued. She keeps replaying the voice.