Kim Cattrall Once Revealed the Most Embarrassing Scene She Ever Filmed on ‘Sex and the City’

Fans of Sex and the City were excited to find out the show would be returning to HBO in the near future after several of its stars posted a trailer to their Instagram accounts. Titled And Just Like That…, the 10 episode series will revisit the lives of Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbs, and Charlotte York in their 50s, according to Variety

For over 20 years, fans of the show have enjoyed its nuanced take on femininity, female sexuality, and the intimate bonds between women. Sex and the City’s lighthearted tone and comical characters easily make it a favorite among viewers, but there were a few humorous moments that came at the cast’s expense.

Kim Catrall, who will be absent from And Just Like That…, once revealed that her most embarrassing moment on the show involved “Bozo the bush.”

Sarah Jessica Parker’s most embarrassing scene was in an episode named ‘The Drought’ 

Kim Cattrall
Kim Cattrall in the “Psalm 25:3” episode of FILTHY RICH | FOX via Getty Images

In a resurfaced interview with Oprah from the early 2000s, each cast member shared their most embarrassing moment on the show. Parker was up first, and wasted no time sharing that it was her infamous fart scene in season one.

“It was called ‘The Drought,’” Parker said. “And Carrie was—she, not I, she, not I, farted. And spent the rest of the episode trying to pretend it never happened.”

Even though Parker was asked to do a number of silly things throughout the course of the show, she assured that that moment took the cake. 

“That’s the worst thing they’ve ever asked me to do,” Parker said. 

Kim Catrall said ‘Bozo the bush’ was her most embarrassing moment on ‘Sex and the City’

When it was time for Catrall to share, she took things a step further. She recalled an awkward episode during season six, in which she decided not to trim the hair in her nether regions.

“Much worse,” Catrall said. “I guess Bozo the bush was …” 

It’s since been confirmed that the hair seen on Sex and the City was not actually Catrall’s. It was a prop that the show’s makeup artist taped to Catrall’s body before the scene. 

“When the makeup artist, Kyra Panchenko, showed me the little wiglet that was going to be double-face-taped on me, I was hysterical. But we got through it.”

Kristin Davis’ most embarrassing scene was cut from the show


Sarah Jessica Parker Speaks on Kim Cattrall After ‘Sex and the City’ Revival Announcement

Davis had a harder time figuring out which scene was most embarrassing for her. However, she ended up picking a scene that involved a stand-in actor. 

“That was hard,” Davis said. “That was hard, but you know what? That was hard, and like, I’m ok with it, but you know what was tough? The white couch and the man who came. Um, the stand-in man. Do you remember? Yes, and then they cut it out, that’s how embarrassing it was.”

The scene she spoke of was apparently so awkward that it had to be cut from the show. 

“It didn’t end up in our show, but there used to be a shot, like, a Mrs. Robinson-type shot, through a stand-in’s legs,” Davis said. “And I was in the distance, um, as a small little figure through … It was traumatizing,” Davis said. 

Cynthia Nixon’s most embarrassing scene was with the dirty talker 

Nixon kept things simple when it was her turn to share. She mentioned an episode in season 2, in which she has to build up the courage to talk dirty in bed. 

“The dirty talker, I think, decidedly, the dirty talker,” Nixon said. “It was funny, it was funny. But it was embarrassing. It wasn’t so embarrassing to film, but it was embarrassing to watch.”