Kim Coles Talks to Us About Joining ‘In the Cut’ and Her Thoughts on a ‘Living Single’ Reboot

Kim Coles, former star of the popular sitcom Living Single, chatted with Showbiz Cheat Sheet about joining the cast of In the Cut. Here’s what she shared about the show, as well as her thoughts on a Living Single reboot.

Showbiz Cheat Sheet: Tell us about ‘In the Cut.’ What is it about?

Kim Coles | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic
Kim Coles | Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic

Kim Coles: In the Cut is a show that surrounds Jay Weaver, played by Dorien Wilson, who is married to the fabulous Cheryl, played by Kelita Smith. They run a barber shop and a beauty shop together. And so, it’s all the hilarity of this married couple running a business together, running life together, and I play someone who comes in and fills in for someone who is renting a space. We’re in like a little mini-mall kind of experience. We’re all working together, building our businesses, and having a lot of fun.

CS: What was it about your character that convinced you to join the cast?

KC: She’s unlike anyone I’ve ever played before. She’s tough and outspoken and running things. And it was just very different from anyone I’ve ever played before. She’s really sassy and edgy, and that’s what I loved about her.

The other thing I like about the show is that it has provided the opportunity for a lot of amazing guest stars. So, there are people who have come through my era of 90’s sitcoms. You’ll be surprised and delighted to see who shows up this season. I love that the team has provided opportunities to see people we haven’t seen in a long time, but who are veterans and experts at what they do.

CS: In light of the coronavirus pandemic, what changes will take place when future episodes are filmed?

KC: I’m not privy to those conversations. You know, the beauty of a show like this is that it’s all done. We shot all of this before the coronavirus hit. And we were done in January. So, they put it all in the can. I guess the team has been working on editing and getting it ready to rock and roll. I’m hoping that the show gets picked up again. I’m hoping that they call me again.

I think the industry is still figuring out how to be in production and protect everyone. So, I’m pretty sure there will be lots of testing and all of that. So, I’m not privy to that, but I’m hoping the show comes back and they ask me back because it’s a real fun show to do.

CS: When you think of all the characters you’ve played throughout your career, is there one that’s your favorite or that really sticks out? Why?

KC: I will always have the biggest place in my heart for Living Single and Synclaire. It was just the perfect mix of cast and writing and timing. So that show and that character will always hold the most beautiful place in my heart. And it really was a time when I grew the most and learned the most, so that always holds the best place in my heart.

CS: Would you consider a ‘Living Single’ reboot? Do you think a reboot will ever happen?

KC: There’s been a lot of talk about it because people really want it, especially during this corona time. It’s been airing like 17,000 times a day. I would say a resounding ‘yes’ to a reboot if it’s meant to happen. It would require, I think, everyone saying ‘yes.’ I want everyone to say ‘yes.’ And we still all look good, so it would be great. We’re all still friends and love each other. I would do it if the forces that are meant to be are meant to be.

In the Cut returns to Bounce TV for season 7 on August 26th.

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