Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson’s Romance: ‘She Seems Happy,’ Pal Adrienne Bailon Says

Kim Kardashian‘s friend Adrienne Bailon thinks Kardashian is happy with Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson and shared why she thinks their romance works.

Bailon said Kardashian has found happiness with Davidson, adding she deserves to be happy. Bailon, who is a host of daytime talk show, The Real previously dated Rob Kardashian. The couple broke up in 2009, but she remained friendly with the family, including Kim.

Kim Kardashian seems happy with Pete Davidson

Bailon is happy Kardashian found love. “She seems happy,” she said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast.

Kim Kardashian attended Milan Fashion Week and Pete Davidson arrives on set at SNL
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson |Arnold Jerocki/Getty Images/Said ZapatA/MEGA/GC Images

“And so I’m like bravo!” she continued. “I’m always for someone’s happiness. Pete, I’ve got to be honest. I think he’s cute. And I am the kind of girl that totally falls for funny. I love a guy with a dope personality. Funny, edgy. I love a guy that’s going to encourage me to be who I am and is going to kind of let me, let my hair down, and have some fun. Like, he seems like he doesn’t care. Like he’s not for the Hollywood shenanigans. He’s very straightforward.”

Kim and Pete have a beautiful energy together

Bailon says the energy between Kardashian and Davidson is positive. “I feel like that energy is just beautiful. So I’m into it,” she added. “Like I feel like he’s the kind of guy that he’d give you like the kind of pep talk that would make you think like I can do anything. He’d be like, girl, stop, like go kill it. You’re amazing. And I think Kim deserves that. So yeah. I’m happy for her.”

She added, “Marry a guy that makes you laugh, marry a guy that you actually like. I was just talking to my friend about this. She’s like, ‘It just seems like love doesn’t last.’ And I was like, well, the ‘in love experience’ may not last. That’s going to come and go. And there’s going to be waves of that. But marry someone that you actually like, and that you actually love. And that you’d want to be their friend, even if you never got married to them. Like this is someone you just want in your life forever. And I think that that’s really important.”

“I think we don’t put as much on that. We put things on like how much money does someone have? And what do they look like? Are they a good look when I stand next to them? Do they turn me on? Do I feel butterflies? Is it the hottest, greatest sex of my life hanging off the ceiling?”

“And while I guess I would appreciate that. And that is lovely and great. There’s so much other things that matter just as much, just as much,” she said.

Kanye West lashed out at Pete Davidson

Meanwhile hours after Kardashian was officially divorced from Kanye West, the rapper released a disturbing video where he is seen torturing and murdering Davidson. The “Eazy” video, which West shared on Instagram is done in a cartoonish claymation format, but clearly shows violence against Davidson.

The video is extremely dark and immediately received backlash. One person commented on Twitter, “Stop defending @kanyewest’s behavior as some kind of consequence of mental illness. This man is utterly evil. He is controlling and cruel, and a pathological liar. If anything happens to Pete Davidson, Kanye West will be completely responsible.”

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