Kim Kardashian Fans Confess She Looks Completely Unrecognizable

Kim Kardashian is no stranger to trying out different trends. The reality TV star is famed for her ability to effortlessly flow from one look to another and back again. The 38-year old has done everything from long chocolate locks to a short ice blonde bob without missing a beat. The multi-millionaire is also a fan of fashion and constantly switches up her wardrobe. One could say that when it comes to her looks, Kardashian takes a jack-of-all-trades approach. But Kardashian’s newest look goes even beyond hair, makeup, or fashion, and now fans are saying that they barely recognize her. What’s more, some of them suspect she has gotten plastic surgery.

Kim Kardashian fans think she might have gotten plastic surgery
Kim Kardashian | ANGELA WEISS/AFP/Getty Images)

Face fillers

Unlike her sisters, Kardashian has been pretty open about the fact that she uses fillers to enhance her looks. She has even gone as far as injecting herself with fillers on episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Because of this, she often looks different from time to time. However, usually, the changes are quite subtle, which is why fans are completely shaken by her latest look.

Family vacation with the kids

Recently, Kardashian took a family vacation to Japan with husband, Kanye West, and two of her children, North West and Saint West. Whilst there, the family explored museums, a different culture, and of course took lots of family photos. Kardashian posted quite a few to her Instagram page and quite a large chunk of her 145 million fans were quick to note that she looked drastically different.

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What has changed

Sporting sleek, dark, locks that just barely drift slightly past her shoulders, Kardashian looks more like her younger sister, Kendall Jenner, than herself these days. “Am I the only one who keeps having to zoom in on Kim these days like, ‘Kim is that you?’ She’s looking like a whole other woman! Still beautiful but, WHAT HAS CHANGED?!,” one fan wrote, trying desperately to understand what the unsolved difference was. “I thought the exact same thing!!! She looks totally different!!! Like crazy different!,” another fan agreed.

A completely different person

Other fans quickly chimed in to confess their confusion. “Am I bugging the f out cause that looks like a whole other lady lmao?,” another fan questioned.
“Omg!!! I was like who TF face is that, not Kim. Umm- how did her whole face change in 1 day?!?!.” another Instagram follower cosigned.  “I have to set the brightness full and check if she tagged another person… I was surprised its Kim Kardashian,” one fan admitted.

Some fans felt the reasoning behind the change was to try to distinguish herself from looking like everyone else. “OMG! I feel like everyone is trying to look like her so she just went and got a whole new face,” a diehard fan wrote. Meanwhile, others felt that this was a common trend for the mogul to get plastic surgery to alter her looks. “Kim Kardashian has been looking less and less like herself for a while now thanks to plastic surgery,” one fan declared.

Let’s face facts

Whether Kardashian has, in fact, gotten plastic surgery, uses Photoshop and FaceTune, or just has gotten great at contouring her face is really no matter to us. It’s her face and body and she has the right to do whatever she wants to it. Whether we agree with her choices is completely irrelevant because… feminism.