Kim Kardashian’s Recent Photo Shows Something Strange About Her Eyes

Kim Kardashian loves posting photos of herself to social media. She was the queen of selfies back when they were at their height, and today, she still posts plenty of them — along with many solo pictures. Her fans love when she posts a great picture or video, and there are many people who notice small things about her in these photos that some wouldn’t. In a recent picture, some fans couldn’t help but notice something strange about Kardashian’s eyes.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | JC Olivera/WireImage

Kardashian’s appearance has changed quite a bit through the years

When Keeping Up With the Kardashians first premiered back in 2007, the sisters looked very different from the way they do today. Well, except Kourtney Kardashian, who looks like she hasn’t aged a bit and doesn’t appear to have had much work done. But Kim Kardashian has started receiving more and more fillers, and it’s given her face a completely different look. While the model-turned-business-mogul definitely doesn’t look bad, between the face fillers and the lip injections, she’s clearly taken on a different look than she did when she first found fame.

Her Instagram photos always receive thousands of comments

Whenever Kardashian posts a photo, one thing is pretty much guaranteed: She will always receive thousands of comments. As one of the most famous women in the world these days, Kardashian’s posts are always highly anticipated by her 148 million Instagram followers. Most photos receive anywhere between 3,000 and 10,000 comments, though some, such as her recent photo about what she should name her new dogs, receive more than 50,000 comments. Depending on the photo, most of the comments are usually positive, though the comments section hasn’t always been kind to her in the past.

Some fans thought her eyes appeared two different colors — and cross eyed — in a recent photo

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Kardashian recently posted a car selfie, which we don’t see too often from her anymore, and some fans loved it while others thought it wasn’t as strong as her usual photos. The photo received plenty of kind comments, but some couldn’t help but notice that her eyes appeared to be two different colors. “Am I the only one who think this don’t look right tho [sic] … Her eyes,” one user commented. “Soooo no ones [sic] gonna talk about her eye,” someone else added.

Kardashian’s eyes most likely look a little off because of the way the sun was shining on them. From what we know, her eyes have never appeared to be different colors elsewhere, nor have they appeared crossed.

Kardashian has received backlash for heavily editing some photos

In the past, not all of the photos on Kardashian’s posts have been positive. Some suggest she edits her photos far too much, and others have called her out on her Photoshop fails. In a photo with Kylie Jenner she posted on August 19, fans called her out for having six toes on her left foot. Others have suggested her poses and hairstyles are trying to imitate singer Beyoncé. Regardless, though, Kardashian still has millions of dedicated fans who are there to hype her up when she posts something new.