Kim Kardashian’s Fans Are Confused About the Contents of Her Fridge in This Post

Kim Kardashian fans are well aware of how her home has a minimalist feel with no clutter and that barely lived-in look, but it seems that extends to her refrigerator – which appears to have no food in it! There’s a lot of milk for some reason though.

Kim Kardashian refrigerator
Kim Kardashian West | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Kardashian showed off her Skims collection but all eyes were on her refrigerator

Kardashian took to Instagram to show off her Skims clothing collection, posing in front of her refrigerator.

While the point of the post was to promote her collection, her fans couldn’t believe what’s in her fridge — especially for a large family — there doesn’t appear to be any food!

Upon closer inspection of her fridge, fans spied empty shelves and drawers, with a lineup of six different types of milk on the top shelf, more milk on the third shelf, with a container of lemonade, and what looked like fruit in one drawer. There appeared to be another fridge next to it, stocked only with bottled water.

Why doesn’t Kim Kardashian have anything in her fridge?

It’s unclear why Kardashian’s fridge is so low on provisions, unless she hadn’t made a grocery run yet, but her fans had theories.

Some were absolutely baffled by the contents, with one person commenting: “I see nothing in that fridge that reflects a family with 4 kids haha! I just can’t relate. Sorry.”

Others wondered if perhaps there was another refrigerator in their home that was full, as one fan theorized: “You know damn well that’s Kim fridge, the kids got they own fridge.” Another guessed that they may not have to keep a stocked fridge, with one commenter noting: “Seeing a lot of replies about an empty fridge but y’all forget she’s rich and probably has a personal chef.”

Still others joked: “Yall eat air too?? coz I see no food in that fridge ma’am,” “Is that a fridge fridge or just a spare one for milk,” and “Is this a got milk advertisement because you literally have every kind in that fridge.”

Another stated: “Cute! PS — I think you need to hit the grocery store.”

Many just couldn’t wrap their heads around it, as one person tweeted: “If you have a chef work for you, they have to have food to cook with. Even if they prepared things off-site, they would still keep the cold stuff in the fridge to serve & even then; they leave the remainder in the fridge. Even if you order out, who doesn’t have condiments?

Is Kardashian’s entire house this clutter-free?

Fans have seen quite a bit of Kardashian’s home in videos and photos, and it’s remarkably clutter-free for having children. In a December 2019 interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Kardashian was asked about her home décor, with the talk show host marveling, “How is it possible that you have children and a house that looks like that? Do they live in that house?”

Kardashian admitted that she and husband Kanye West gave their kids their own “festive and wild” rooms. She shared: “I let them go crazy in their room and the playroom. They respect the space everywhere else.”