Kim Kardashian Fans Are Convinced It’s Not Actually Her Wearing That Outfit in New Instagram Photo

Kim Kardashian has been a trendsetter for most of her public career. Fans copy her clothes, her makeup, even her face and butt. In recent years, however, she’s been embracing a more avant-garde style. Recently, she’s been shocking fans with her looks. Kim has been out and about in full body suits, with everything covered, including the head. She’s worn a few of these outfits in recent months, including to Kanye West’s Donda listening parties. When she posted a new pic of herself on Instagram, covered head to toe, fans on Reddit came out in full force with their crazy theories. 

Kim Kardashian’s new masked outfits are shocking fans

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian | EDUARDO MUNOZ ALVAREZ/AFP via Getty Images

Kim recently posted herself on Instagram in her newest full body outfit. The look was all leather, literally. Kim was decked out in leather from head to toe. Although the outfit wasn’t exactly skin tight, it wasn’t loose by any means either. Kim wore a leather knee-length coat over leather pants and pointed leather boots. Under her coat, some kind of leather top connected to her leather mask, which covered her entire head. There were no eye holes in sight. 

Kim’s pony tail is the only part of her visible in the outfit. The leather mask has some hoops where Kim’s ears should be, but other than that, the outfit is pure black leather.Interestingly, she’s carrying a tiny silver bag. This is one of many full body masked looks Kim has rocked recently, and fans don’t really get it. Is it fashion? Or is Kim hiding her face for some other reason?

Some fans think it’s not actually Kim Kardashian in those outfits 

One fan proposed that it isn’t even Kim inside the outfit. Since no one can see her face, it could be almost anyone. The bulky leather even obscures her figure. Kim wouldn’t even need to find a realistic body double to pose as her in this getup. The fan wrote “Am I the only one who thinks this is not Kim?! 🤔” and some of the other commenters agreed. 

One fan thinks that Kim might have sent a body double so that Kim wouldn’t be seen canceling events. “She couldn’t make it to New York or something, but needed to make it look like she was going in order to not lose face, and so hired someone to dress like this and stand in her place lmao.” Other fans speculate that it is Kim, but she’s recovering from surgery. Given that she recently appeared on Ellen without a full body suit or hidden face, this seems unlikely. 

Fans think Kim Kardashian’s recent fashion choices mean she’s back together with Kanye West


Kanye West Dictated How Kim Kardashian West Dressed — Is She Returning to Her Pre-Kanye Style Since Divorce?

Other fans see Kanye all over Kim’s recent fashion choices. Since the couple is in the middle of a divorce, Kim’s outfits have convinced some fans that they’ll reconcile soon. One fan wrote, “This has convinced me she is back together with Kanye 🙄.”

It is true that Kanye influenced Kim’s style. He threw out her entire wardrobe when they started dating, and got her interested in fashion. He’s a fan of the fully covered looks that Kim has been wearing recently. Other fans think that Kim has just adopted his style, and that she’ll keep her new fashion sense in the divorce. In fact, Kim may even be using this new style to prove to the world that she doesn’t need Kanye to be high fashion. Her looks have been snapping up headlines left and right, so whatever is going on, it’s working.