Kim Kardashian Fans Started Debating Her Parenting Skills and Things Got Heated

With the birth of baby Psalm last year, Kim Kardashian West officially has more children than any of her siblings. Kourtney Kardashian is a close second. The oldest Kardashian sibling has three kids, but Kim and her husband Kanye West were dead set on four. 

Psalm joins their older children, North, Saint, and Chicago. They range in age from 6 to 2, and they frequently appear on Kim’s Instagram feed. But some fans aren’t sure if Kim is really as good a mom as she would like us to believe. 

Kourtney Kardashian, daughter Penelope Disick, Kim Kardashian and daughter North West
Kim Kardashian, North West, Penelope Disick and Kourtney Kardashian | Mehdi Taamallah/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West and North Kardashian West’s video proves they are close 

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Even though some fans doubt that Kim spends a lot of time with her kids, others came to her defense in a recent discussion on Reddit. Those fans who think Kim is a dedicated mom pointed out the recent video she posted that features her daughter North.

In the video, Kim is hiding from her kids in the guest bathroom to film a makeup tutorial. She can’t hide from North apparently, and when Kim tells fans she’s hiding because her kids won’t leave her alone, North pipes up and says “Hey! That’s mean!”

Kim’s critics say this is proof she doesn’t want to spend time with her children. Her defenders say that a daughter who doesn’t have a good relationship with her mother wouldn’t follow her around as North does. North wouldn’t have interrupted the video to admonish Kim if she wasn’t perfectly comfortable in her mother’s care. 

While some people say that the Kardashian West children are being raised by nannies, it turns out that it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Do Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West use nannies? 

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Most days we don’t get out of our pajamas

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Even though most wealthy families have help to take care of their children, Kim and Kanye are actually trying to move away from using nannies. Now that they’re quarantining in their California home, they have no nanny with them at all.

Kim’s critics say that this is probably the first time she’s actually had to parent her kids. They believe that Kim and Kanye are so reliant on nannies during normal times that they don’t really spend time with their children. However, most working parents are reliant on some kind of care for their children. That might mean daycare, babysitters, or grandparents. For many working parents, this is the longest they’ve been without help. 

Many of Kim’s fans jumped in on Reddit to say exactly that. Wanting a break doesn’t make anyone less of a mom. Everyone is in this situation right now, not just Kim. Still, some fans weren’t convinced that Kim is actually as involved as she looks on Instagram. 

Fans are split on Kim Kardashian West’s parenting skills 

For all the fans who loved Kim’s video with North, there were still some who were rubbed the wrong way by the post. Some fans claim that this is Kim’s most relatable moment, but others say it’s just further proof that she doesn’t actually like to spend time with her kids.

Kim has nannies to take care of her kids under normal circumstances. Some fans think Kim probably never had all four children in her care before quarantine. She would have always had a nanny to help out with one or two, while she spent time with the others. 

For those who defend her, there’s also the question of sexism. As one fan said, “Not everyone wants parent to be their only identity.” For working moms, that can be especially difficult to achieve. Society still expects women to be primary caretakers. People have theorized that Kim faces sexism before, considering she is a powerful businesswoman who is constantly criticized. Plus, fans are attacking Kim, but not her husband Kanye.