This Is Why Kim Kardashian Has So Much Milk in Her Fridge

Since she first began starring on her hit reality series, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian has given the world a front-row seat into her opulent life. We’ve watched the Skims founder go from a single lady to a mom of four in just over a decade. Most KarJenner fans can say that there is very little they don’t know about the reality family.

However, Kardashian surprises us every day. While showing off her Skims cotton collection and munching on a bowl of cereal, the KKW Beauty mogul inadvertently gave her fans an inside look into the fridge in her minimalist Calabasas home.

From the lack of actual food to the copious amounts of milk, we have so many questions.

Kim Kardashian has a very specific diet

Before we do a deep dive into Kardashian super insane fridge, we must examine what the KUWTK star eats in a day. In the past, Kardashian used to be obsessed with the Atkins diet, which means a follower eats little to no carbs. However, the aspiring attorney doesn’t follow that plan anymore.

Melissa Alcantara, Kardashian’s trainer encouraged her client to introduce carbs back into her diet. However, Alcantara’s rule of thumb is “real food only.” This means processed foods are to be avoided altogether.

Typically, the KKW Beauty founder begins her day with a hearty wholesome meal like oatmeal blueberry pancakes. For lunch, she typically has carbs, veggies, and proteins– like sweet potatoes, chicken and some greens. Dinner is usually Kardashian’s lightest meal. She tends to go for fish and veggies.

Inside Kim Kardashian’s neat freak fridge

We’re sure that Kardashian has another fridge in her home. However, the one that we just got a glimpse of has no food in it whatsoever. The fridge is stocked full of beverages including every king of milk on the market and what appeared to be a massive pitcher of lemonade.

One Twitter user quipped, “Yall eat air too?? coz I see no food in that fridge ma’am.” Another added, “I see nothing in that fridge that reflects a family with 4 kids haha! I just can’t relate. Sorry.” One fan asked the important questions, “So the fridge is empty just like the rest of the house. Do y’all even live there girl?”

It didn’t help that the glass fridge next to the one Kardashian opened only included Essential Water, Perrier, and cans of Canada Dry. Perhaps Kardashian has a separate fridge that only her personal chef uses.

This is why Kim Kardashian has so much milk in her fridge

Having a fridge full of drinks is one thing. But the insane amounts of milk (and milk-type beverages) is puzzling to us all. One fan asked, “Is this a got milk advertisement because you literally have every kind in that fridge.”

Since Kim has four children ranging in age who may or may not be able to drink cow’s milk, we can see why she might have so many different types of milk in her home. Now we just want to take a peek at Kardashian’s actual food fridge.