Kim Kardashian Has Always Been Beautiful, According to a Photo From Her Childhood

Kim Kardashian has devoted much of her adult life to fashion and beauty. The SKIMS creator is known for her exotic good looks and outstanding fashion sense.

In the past, she has received some criticism from some of her fans who have suggested that her good looks come from years of plastic surgery. However, a recent photo that was taken of Kim in middle school reveals that the beauty mogul actually has a lot of natural beauty and has been gorgeous for her entire life.

Kim Kardashian has always loved fashion

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Marc Piasecki/GC Images

Even before Kardashian become famous, she strived to keep up with all of the latest fashion trends. In fact, she was even a personal shopper and stylist for Paris Hilton back in the ’90s.

It may not seem like an important job. However, Hilton was constantly being photographed back then, so it was important that her stylist dressed her in the best outfits. So, it is safe to say that Kardashian has had an eye for fashion before she even graduated high school.

Fast Forward a couple of decades, and she and her husband are both fashion designers who have become very influential in the industry and have hosted their own fashion shows during the iconic Paris Fashion Week.

Nowadays, Kardashian is no longer interested in dressing other celebrities. Instead, she is trying to dress the rest of the world and help everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. Her newest clothing line called SKIMS featured many moderately priced garments and shapewear that are specially made to fit a variety of body types.

Fans believe that Kim Kardashian has ‘always been beautiful’

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7th grade coolness

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Recently, Kardashian’s seventh-grade picture was posted on social media and fans were quick to start a Reddit discussion about how beautiful she looked back then, and some of them were a little angry about the fact that she didn’t go through the normal “awkward phase” that most people go through as pre-teens.

One commenter wrote: “She has literally always been beautiful. In 7th grade, I looked like a pre-pubescent boy and didn’t leave that struggle bus forever meanwhile Kim looked like this in 7th grade? Life is rude and I want my money back.”

Another commenter agreed and thought that Kardashian’s natural good looks are the reason why she is so confident. “Ugh, I’m so jealous of girls that have been pretty all their life, lol. I feel like most of them have less issues with confidence later on in life,” the commenter had said.

Kim Kardashian lives with ‘self-doubt’

Kardashian may not have had to deal with the awkward phase of life that the rest of us had to deal with in middle school but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t deal with self-esteem issues like everyone else. 

Because she is constantly in the spotlight, she is constantly being photographed without her knowledge. And sometimes, the photographers don’t always capture her in her most flattering moments. 

According to Entertainment Tonight Canada, Kardashian once said that even though she may seem confident on the outside, she still struggles with body-image issues from time to time.

In an interview, Kardashian had once said: “I struggle with self-doubt all of the time. I do have cellulite. I am photographed all of the time.”

She then went on to say that any time she sees herself in a photo where she doesn’t look her best, she tries not to get too upset about it.

Instead, whenever she notices a part of her body that she is not happy with, she makes up a new workout routine to try to target her problem areas and she uses the criticism that she receives as motivation.