Kim Kardashian Has the Sweetest Reaction From North West and Kanye West’s Dance Off

North West should have a bright future ahead of her. She has the best of everything, and two successful parents to look up to. Although Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West started off in entertainment, both have made it big in business. At just 7 years old, she has a trust fund with more than $60 million.

That’s for her and her siblings to split, but it’s still more than $15 million each. Plus, the money will likely grow with North. Plus, North is working. She walks in fashion shows and has been on magazine covers. She’ll probably make big money of her own one day. Although her financial health is great, fans are worried about her emotional wellbeing, but there could be some light at the end of the tunnel after a cute moment.

Kim Kardashian West smiling
Kim Kardashian West | Evans Vestal Ward/Getty Images

Fans are concerned for North West 

After Kanye’s recent controversies, fans are concerned for North. She already receives a lot of public attention for a little kid. Fans have been watching North for her entire life and judging Kim and Kanye’s parenting skills along the way. When North wore makeup, fans criticized her parents for it. When she poses like her mom on Instagram, fans call out Kim and Kanye for over-sexualizing her. That kind of attention could be damaging to any child, but that’s not what has fans concerned currently. 

During a campaign rally, Kanye told the world that he and Kim had considered aborting North. According to Kanye, Kim was the one who decided to keep the baby, with or without his approval. That campaign rally, and subsequent behavior, led Kim to speak out about Kanye’s bipolar disorder in an Instagram post.

Fans are concerned with how this might impact North when she hears about it. But a new video is giving fans hope for the Kardashian West family.

North West had a dance off with Kanye West

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On August 8th, Kanye posted a video of himself and his daughter North having a cute dance off. The two were in Wyoming, where Kanye is spending most of his time lately. Although it’s not clear if he’s gotten help for his mental health issues yet, Kanye seems to be doing better. His erratic tweeting has calmed a bit, and North’s visit has him looking happy and carefree. 

In the video, Kanye and North are rolling along in a golf cart, while someone else (presumably Kim) films. Kanye starts singing the “Friday Dance” song, and jumps out to dance alongside the moving golf cart. North jumps out with her dad, and starts dancing too. North hops back in, and the driver slows down. “Come on, go, drive,” Kanye shouts from the pavement. Then the cart speeds up too much, and Kanye can barely keep up. The whole family is in stitches, laughing and giggling throughout the whole video. 

Kim Kardashian’s role in the video has given fans hope 

Fans were worried about Kim and Kanye, but this video has given everyone hope for their relationship. Just a few weeks ago, Kim flew to Wyoming to talk to Kanye. The two were photographed in a Wendy’s drive-through apparently having an argument. Kim was crying, and fans were sure a split was in their future. 

In this video, however, they seem happy as ever. Kim is laughing, and she can be heard poking fun at Kanye at the end. Kim laughs and says, “That’s a whole different song,” near the end of the video, when the track changes and Kanye is still dancing. Hopefully this is a good sign that the storm is over and Kanye and Kim have gotten through it together.