Kim Kardashian West Is Legit Getting Criticism for Yawning

When you’re in the spotlight as much as Kim Kardashian West, you’re bound to get your fair share of criticism. With over 167 million followers on Instagram alone, the 39-year-old is constantly under the microscope. Of course, there are plenty of things for fans to be judgmental of the KKW Fragrance owner about. Her highly publicized feuds with her sisters and penchant for blackfishing to name a few. However, sometimes the criticism she receives is fairly ridiculous.

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Kardashian West recently came under fire after a clip of her family’s reality TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was posted to Instagram. In the clip, the mom of four was out celebrating the birthday of Corey Gamble. Gamble is the boyfriend of Kardashian West’s mother, Kris Jenner, and though it took a while for the family to accept him, everyone seems to get along now.

Kim Kardashian West helps celebrate Corey Gamble’s new age

For Gamble’s 39th birthday, Jenner, Kardashian West, and her sisters took him to a winery. During the celebration, Jenner got pretty tipsy and they all seemed to enjoy themselves. Whilst there, Gamble also played music from his phone and encouraged a seemingly sleepy Kardashian West to join him for a dance. Prior to this happening, the skims owner let out a long yawn, indicating how tired she was. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star failed to cover her mouth during the yawn, and now people are criticizing her on Instagram for the decision.

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Some Instagram users found Kardashian West’s yawn to be in poor taste. Others found it to be on the gross side of things and began to call her out for “not having class.” “Somebody please tell Kim to cover her mouth while yawning, 😷” one person wrote in an Instagram comment, showing their disgust. “So rich but still doesn’t know to close her mouth while yawning,” another person chimed in, bringing Kardashian West net worth into the conversation.

Instagram users criticize the makeup mogul for yawning

Others even went so far as to argue that Kardashian West likely felt she was above closing her mouth because of her intense fame and wealth. “Everybody has to close their mouth while yawning. But like, they are ‘so rich and so modern’ and all that sh*t. They should know that they have to close their mouth while yawning. Like da*n why u gotta be like that,” one critic wrote on Instagram, denouncing the behavior.

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Others didn’t find Kardashian West’s yawn offensive at all. They did, however, find it embarrassing and hilarious. Some couldn’t believe that the hopeful lawyer would allow footage like this to be posted for the world to see. “Wow, Kim opened her mouth to eternity,” one person declared in disbelief. “AHAHAHAH how does Kim allow you to post this,” one amused person chimed in.

Fans rush to Kardashian West’s defense

Alternatively, some people rushed to Kardashian West’s defense. They shared that she had no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed. Arguing that she was with her family, they felt she had no reason to put on airs. “There’s only family there, let’s give her a break on about the yawning,” one person stated. Clearly, quarantine has people nitpicking about the most foolish things. Kardashian West may be a polarizing person, but dragging her for yawning seems to be overkill.