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Kim Kardashian West currently has 194 million followers on Instagram. Her account is the second biggest in her family, surpassed only by her younger sister Kylie Jenner. Kylie has 204 million followers, although for a while Kim was winning the follower race.

Now that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is ending, the KarJens will need to rely on social media more than ever to stay relevant. According to some fans, Kim may already be failing

Fans think Kim Kardashian’s Instagram is boring 

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Marc Piasecki/GC Images

According to fans on Reddit, Kim’s Instagram is basically one big Skims ad. A lot of her photos are glamour shots of herself, although there are posts containing her husband and children. Fans like the content with the kids, but they’re tired of seeing Kim pose. 

One fan wrote “Unpopular Opinion: But I don’t think her stories are boring. Instead, it features too many ads. I honestly don’t mind seeing ‘mundane’ content like her playing with her kids etc. It’s the constant Skims and KKW ads that keep me away.”

But it’s not just Kim who is boring her fans with ads and glamour shots. Her sisters also receive the same criticism. However, fans are torn about which sister currently has the best Instagram platform. 

All of the Kardashian Jenners post a lot of ads

Some fans think that Kourtney Kardashian posts the best content right now. Although she does post ads for Poosh, her lifestyle website, Kourtney also posts a lot of personal content.

One fan wrote: “At this point, I am pretty disinterested in all their igs — except Kourt. She gives us a good mix of personal content with the poosh ads, and her posts feel more fun and authentic. Although Kylie and Kim are winning in follows, their igs might be the most uninteresting to look at (ha!) for me.”

Other fans think that Khloe is actually the family’s social media star, because she actually uses the platform to interact with her fans. One fan said that the sisters want to still be celebrities, but without the show they won’t be able to connect with their fans.

According to the poster, “It won’t work. Also, Khloe is the only sister that still interacts with her fan base. I think that will make her last longer than the rest.”

Kim Kardashian could make her content more interesting by including more about her advocacy work 


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Some fans noted that since Kim is technically getting out of the reality TV game, she should focus on her new project. Kim is studying law and doing a lot to reform the prison system.

Kim’s supporters think her advocacy work would make for great social media content, and could be engaging enough to compete with TikTok influencers. One fan wrote “I wish she would put out more video (that isn’t yet another skims ad) and fun/relaxed stuff. She’s funny when she wants to be. Even just with her studies and advocacy she could turn that into some really great content but she’s just not. I agree it’s all a bit stale these days. Shame.”

While it’s true that Kim doesn’t post often about the work she’s doing to become a lawyer, she recently posted a lot about Brandon Bernard, a man on death row.

Kim’s support of Bernard was mostly posted on Twitter. Kim publicly asked the president to intervene and stay the execution of Bernard, who was convicted when he was 18 in what seems to have been an unfair trial.

Unfortunately, Bernard was executed, despite Kim’s pleas. But her posts brought Bernard’s case into the public eye, and a lot of her fans agreed with her arguments for leniency. It could be that as Kim tends more towards advocacy and social justice, Twitter becomes her social media platform of choice.