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If there is one thing we know about Kim Kardashian, it’s that she keeps her minimalist Calabasas, California home, pristine. From the images she’s shown us, and her Vogue interview that sent the world into a tizzy, it doesn’t look like Kardashian or her rapper husband, Kanye West live in their home — let alone with four children.

However, from their lavish birthday celebrations to the adorable snaps that appear on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star’s social media, it’s clear that North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm make their presence known in the Kardashian x West home.

Still, the kiddos have typically respected the squeaky clean common rooms in their house until now.

Kim Kardashian keeps her house clean with this method

Though the children do respect the home’s commons spaces as much as possible, they are still kids who enjoy colors and chaos. Just like everyday moms, the Skims mogul is constantly cleaning up after her children.

“Oh my God. I run around the house with towels,” she told Architectural Digest. “Our last house that we just moved out of was all grays, which was a good test, because we knew we were going to move into a lighter house.”

However, when accidents do happen, the KKW Beauty founder realizes that it simply comes with the territory of motherhood. “One time I walked in and my daughter had purple nail polish all over her little kid’s vanity, all over her toys, and all over the walls and I had just left the room for not even five minutes,” she rememebered. “At the end of the day, you just have to take a deep breath and figure it out.”

This is how Kim Kardashian’s kids’ rooms are decorated

Kardashian decorated her kids’ rooms with soft and natural colors. With the babies’ nurseries she choseVetro Lucite cribs and a glider with an ottoman for feeding. However, the beauty mogul and the Chicago-born producer let their kids go nuts in their playroom. The kids’ room contains every type of paint, crayon, and marker on the market.

“We have a great playroom and that’s where all the markers and the paints and the colors are and I really overdo it in the playroom so that by the time they’re done there they have no desire to take a pen on a nice piece of furniture,” she explained.

Kim Kardashian’s children just ruined her couch

Still, their luxurious playroom didn’t stop the West kiddos from getting into a bit of mischief recently. Kardashian’s eldest daughter, 6-year-old North decided to give her siblings a makeover so that they each looked like Pennywise the Clown from It.

“So North decided to attempt to do makeup like the It clown,” the reality starlet shared on her Instagram stories. She then shared photos of North, Saint, and Chicago with their faces covered in red makeup. The siblings, except for adorable little Chicago, seemed super pleased with their makeovers.

Unfortunately, Kardashian’s cream couch was a casualty of North’s magical work. The aspiring attorney wrote, “My couch” on her post with crying and broken heart emojis. We don’t think there is any way to get bright hot red out of cream. At least they looked super cute.