Fans Think Kim Kardashian West Looks Just Like Penélope Cruz in Her Throwback Prom Photo

Kim Kardashian West has been in the public eye since 2007. Though we’d seen her out and about with her good friend, Paris Hilton prior to then, it was her reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians that skyrocketed her to fame. When the series dropped, Kardashian West was coming out of a tumultuous relationship with singer, Ray-J and she was reeling from the unauthorized release of a private sex tape she made with him.

Despite the release of her private moments, the reality starlet pressed forward putting herself and her family on the A-list and racking in millions of dollars through endorsements and appearances. Though KUWTK is now in its 18th season on E!, Kardashian West has taken a different approach to business and celeb life.

A married mother of four, Kardashian West has launched three massive empires KKW Beauty, KKW Fragrance, and her shapewear line Skims. She is also an advocate of prison reform and an inspiring lawyer. In between her family life, reality show, and businesses, Kardashian West also takes the time to give fans a glimpse of her childhood and teen years. In fact, her prom photo has fans comparing her to another celebrity.

Kim Kardashian West was a teenager during the ’90s

If you’re a fan of the hit movie, Clueless or even the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you have some idea of the styles that Kardashian West adored when she was a teen. From all-black ensembles to dark lipsticks and chokers, the mom-of-four did it all.

Though we mostly see the reality star in more feminine-leaning styles today, she also went through a tomboy phase where she wore baggy shirts, jeans, and sneakers. In fact, to pay homage to her teen years, Kardashian West launched a ’90s collection for KKW Beauty.

“I get a lot of my makeup inspiration from the 90’s and love how nostalgic this entire collection is,” Kardashian West said when she launched the line. “I used to wear this burgundy lip all the time in high school!”

Kim Kardashian West’s prom photo is epic

Though we’ve seen a slew of photos from Kardashian West’s teen years, her fragrance line KKW Fragrance just shared a never-before-seen photo of the reality starlet and her mom, Kris Jenner.

The photo was snapped in 1996 as Jenner saw her then 16-year-old daughter off to prom. In the photo, both women are smiling into the camera. Kardashian West’s hair is styled into an updo and she’s wearing dark eyeshadow (very ’90s) and pale pink lips. Jenner is sporting her classic black bob, a black blouse, and a diamond-encrusted choker. The caption read, “Throwback to @krisjenner seeing @kimkardashian off to prom.” 

Now fans are saying that Kardashian West looks exactly like a super famous actress in the photos.

Fans think Kim Kardashian West looks exactly like Penélope Cruz in her prom photo

Throwback photos of celebs are always exciting, but fans were even more thrilled when they realized Kardashian West looks exactly like actress Penélope Cruz in her photo. “I thought it was kris with Penelope Cruz, had to double take, all gorgeous women 🙌🏼,” one fan wrote.

Other fans could not get over the fact that neither Kardashian West or Jenner have aged much in 25 years. “I swear @krisjenner does not age. Wow! Both of them are absolutely gorgeous. ❤️,” another fan said.. “Oh god ur eyebrows Kim😭😭❤❤❤love u so much… You’ve grown so beautifully xoxo,” yet another fan stated.