Kim Kardashian Says She Keeps In Touch With Both Her Surrogates

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a complicated marriage, high-powered careers, an endless supply of controversy, and four adorable kids.

Fans were surprised when Kardashian, after giving birth to their first two babies, went on to use surrogates to carry the last two. Their daughter Chicago is now two years old, and their son Psalm is nine months old.

Kardashian has been pretty open about her family’s experience with surrogacy, and she had some very good reasons not to get pregnant again. But Kardashian and West really wanted more children, so they had to find another road. She recently shared more about this emotional journey.

How Kim Kardashian chose her surrogates

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When Kardashian chose to have a surrogate carry her children it was not a casual decision; her pregnancies had been traumatic and dangerous. She and West very much wanted more babies, but her doctor told her that getting pregnant again would be so dangerous that he’d be guilty of malpractice. Kardashian realized they’d have to build their family in a different way. 

Kardashian started looking into surrogacy, and she discovered that it is illegal in New York, but in California, it was not. She hired a lawyer and a therapist that both specialize in surrogacy, and they started the search for someone to work with. She decided that she wanted to find a woman who had her own kids and had been a surrogate before. 

Kardashian also wanted the woman to know who the couple was she’d be working with before she said yes, in case she wasn’t a fan. When they found someone who was interested, Kardashian and West went to dinner with her and her husband.

The surrogate agreed to help them. She was able to get pregnant with Kardashian and West’s embryo, so Chicago is genetically theirs, even though the surrogate carried her. 

Why Kim Kardashian used a different surrogate the second time

Since everything went so well with Chicago’s birth, Kardashian had planned to work with the same woman the second time around. However, when they were ready for the next pregnancy they discovered that the surrogate had gotten pregnant with her own child.

Their happy news meant that Kardashian and West would have to find someone else to carry their baby. Kardashian was more comfortable with the process this time, so she took charge of the search, working with the surrogacy lawyer.

Before long, they found another woman who was willing to help them. Again they used their own embryo, and nine months later they had Psalm in their arms

Kim Kardashian stays in touch with both women

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Kardashian explained that she is still close to the gestational carriers who helped her family. The surrogate therapist she worked with from the beginning of the process helped her get to know the women and establish good relationships with them.

The therapist was there to help them navigate important questions like who would be in the delivery room. She gave Kardashian advice on how to be sensitive and handle such an unusual and emotional situation.

Kardashian said the therapist “would suggest, ‘Hey, I think you guys should communicate once a week through text, maybe on Mother’s Day. She’s a mother as well. Maybe get her a massage or something that’s appropriate for her to pamper.'”

These days Kardashian stays in touch with both women. She’s very grateful to them, explaining: “It’s not for everyone, but I absolutely love my gestational carrier and this was the best experience I’ve ever had. Our gestational carrier gave us the greatest gift one could give.”

Although it’s not the way Kardashian imagined having her babies, surrogacy has given her the family of her dreams