Kim Kardashian Used to Sound Like Paris Hilton, Fans Speculate, But Doesn’t Anymore

In the early 2000s, Paris Hilton was the “it girl” of a generation. Fast-forward 20, and it seems that Kim Kardashian West has now claimed that throne.

The pair have a long-term friendship. Although it’s been rocky at times, perhaps because of their mutual quest for social dominance.  But now, looking back on Kardashian’s early behavior, Hilton’s influence on her rise to the top is obvious. 

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are long-time friends

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Besides the socialites themselves, no one knows exactly how Hilton and Kardashian met. However, we do know that they’ve known each other for a very long time. 

“We’ve known each other since we were little girls,” Hilton told Yahoo! in a 2015 interview. “We’ve always been friends.”

They didn’t attend the same high school, but they had several mutual friends, including Nicole Richie, and the Jackson family. It’s possible that the pair connected simply because they traveled in the same social circles, growing up uber-rich in Los Angeles. 

However they met, we know the friends spent a lot of time together as young adults. Kardashian often appeared on Hilton’s TV show, The Simple Life, as her closet organizer. And according to Kardashian, they often went out looking for attention. 

“We’d go anywhere and everywhere just to be seen,” Kardashian told Rolling Stone about her friendship with Hilton. “We knew exactly where to go, where to be seen, how to have something written about you. All you had to do is go to this restaurant, or this party, talk about whatever you want to talk about, and it would be in the paper the next day.”

Does Kim Kardashian owe her career to Paris Hilton?

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Their attention-seeking behavior worked, because both women eventually became famous. But while Hilton enjoyed her popularity right away, Kardashian’s fame took a little longer to develop. 

In fact, Hilton actually claims responsibility for Kardashian’s fame. In her interview with Yahoo! after explaining that they’ve always been friends, Hilton continued, “It’s nice to inspire people. I am really proud of her and what she’s done.” 

While some might expect Kardashian to want all the credit for her own success, it seems that she agrees with Hilton. When she appeared in Hilton’s music video for Best Friends Ass, Kardashian explained on social media why she chose the project. 

“I really would want to do anything for her,” Kardashian wrote, according to US Magazine. “She literally gave me a career, and I totally acknowledge that.”

Kim Kardashian’s voice used to sound like Paris Hilton

Hilton helped introduce Kardashian to the world, but it seems that she may have also taught her how to behave for attention. Fans recently noticed this issue after watching old episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. In the earlier episodes, her voice has the same intonation and tone that Hilton is famous for. 

“It’s interesting to see how her voice has changed over the years,” one fan wrote on Reddit. “I wonder if it’s been a constant adjustment to make it more bearable for her to watch footage? Like, I know I hate the sound of my own voice.”

Other fans quickly jumped in to share their belief that Kardashian’s early voice was heavily influenced by Hilton.

“…Paris Hilton was reality fame at that time it makes sense Kim would take cues from that,” one person wrote. 

However, fans also believe that over time, Kardashian has moved away from copying others, and acts more like herself now. 

“…She was trying to be Paris Hilton at first but now I think she speaks like she normally does,” one user pointed out. 

When KUWTK first came out, Hilton was still really popular, so it makes sense that Kardashian would emulate her success, especially since they were good friends. But it’s great to see how she’s matured over the years, and is now acting more like her authentic self.