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When celebrities get married, fans expect an over the top event, complete with a star-studded guest list. The wedding of Kim Kardashian West and Kris Humphries was one such event. Some of the biggest names in Hollywood were in attendance of the former NBA star and famed Kardashian daughter’s big day.

It’s reported the couple scored almost $700,000 in congratulatory gifts. Not included in that amount is one particular wedding present worth $325,000. It might have been the worst wedding gift ever.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries appearing on TV
Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian West on The Tonight Show | Kevin Winter/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

The Kim Kardashian West and Kris Humphries relationship was brief

Between the time Kim Kardashian West was first spotted at one of Kris Humphries’ basketball games and the couple’s subsequent wedding, only nine months had passed.

The short engagement paled in comparison to the duration of the marriage itself, though. After 72 days of being wed, Kardashian filed for divorce. Humphries later shared in interviews that despite the brief stint, the relationship itself was genuine.

The worst wedding gift ever

According to Page Six, the wedding itself was larger than life, costing $10 million and taking up two episodes of the E! TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. There were over 450 guests, and many of them A-listers.

Heavy hitters, including Julianne Hough, Demi Lovato, Scottie Pippen, Ryan Seacrest, and Serena Williams, were all in attendance. When your friends are wealthy, expect generous and expensive wedding gifts.

One report indicates the couple collected over $700,000 worth of cash and gifts. Add to that, the one wedding present, that may have ended up being the worst, a white Ferrari valued at $325,000.

It may seem like a lavish gift. But the swirling controversy about who offered it and the stolen money the man used to pay for it, makes even the stylish Italian car the most unwanted gift of all.

The ‘Malaysian businessman’ behind it


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The exotic car and generous present came from a man on the wedding guest list only described as “a Malaysian businessman.” That businessman is the infamous Jho Low, a wealthy benefactor who may be in hot water for having stolen up to $5 billion from the Malaysian government.

The Department of Justice has pursued other celebrities who have received expensive gifts from Low, including Leonardo DiCaprio, who had to return Picasso paintings, according to The Reporter.

Miranda Kerr gave back million-dollar jewelry. He has been known to share his wealth with many other stars, including Swizz Beatz, Nicole Scherzinger, and even Paris Hilton.

Where Jho Low is hiding these days

Jho Low is the main subject of a new book entitled, Billion Dollar Whale, in which his shady practices and trouble with both Malaysian and U.S. governments are detailed.

In one of the largest civil asset forfeiture cases ever by the federal prosecutors, Low has agreed to stop fighting for his assets. As of 2019, he has handed over up to $900 million, although it has not yet appeared in court. It is rumored that he lives in China and has yet to face formal charges in Malaysia or the U.S.

Kim Kardashian West and Kris Humphries did divorce, and much to the dismay of the wedding guests, the couple didn’t return any of the expensive gifts. Kardashian reported that she would donate them to charity.

The white Ferrari, while gifted to the couple, became subject of a heated divorce debate, that Kardashian eventually won. The Department of Justice hasn’t said if it plans to recover the car, and Kardashian’s publicist wouldn’t share if she still, in fact, was in possession of or still driving the Ferrari. It’s one wedding gift that seems to have been cursed from the beginning and is surely the worst kind to receive.