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Fans aren’t convinced Kim Kardashian West loves Kanye West. Since the beginning of his career in the early 2000s, the rapper has been known for his outspoken personality. In the beginning, he advocated for Black Americans and spoke up often about the injustices that he faced as a Black man living in America.

In recent years, West’s focus has shifted. He’s narrowed in on his personal success, amassing a billion-dollar net worth while aligning himself with President Donald Trump and often attacking historical Black figures. Recently, West also announced that he would be running for president.

West, who has been open about his mental health, including his bipolar disorder diagnosis, recently had his first presidential rally in South Carolina. It was a disastrous affair that left West in tears and with many fans concerned for his mental and emotional well-being. Fans are incredibly horrified that his wife, Kim Kardashian West, and her family are enabling West and not guiding him to seek the help that he may need. In fact, some fans are convinced the KKW Beauty mogul doesn’t love her husband at all.

Kanye West’s emotional outburst at his recent Presidential rally

Fans are furious and concerned with the College Dropout rapper for his outburst about Harriet Tubman at his rally in South Carolina. West exclaimed, “Harriet Tubman never actually freed the slaves, she just had them work for other white people.”

Later, he got increasingly emotional speaking about abortion before bursting out in tears. The crowd has to console the Yezzy creator because he could barely speak.

West’s appearance in South Carolina was in an attempt that he would get enough signatures to appear on the state ballot. Just a couple of weeks ago, the rapper announced that he would be running, but since the election is just four months away, it seemed like an absurd idea.

Fans are concerned about Kanye West’s mental health

West appeared at his presidential rally wearing a bulletproof vest with the word security written on it. Hw also had the number “2020” shaved into his head. Aside from his abortion outburst, West only spoke about is partnerships with Adidas and Gap. Nothing about policy was discussed.

“Harriet Tubman did not live through hell to become the first woman to lead a U.S military expedition just to be disrespected by a man who thinks khaki beige is an acceptable fashion decision,” one person tweeted.

In early July 2020, TMZ reported that the KarJenner family is very concerned about West’s mental health. They are reporting that West is the middle of a bipolar episode. “His family and those close to him are worried, but they believe things will stabilize as they have in the past,” the source said. “The problem here, we’re told — Kanye’s proclamations are causing problems.”


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Fans don’t believe Kim Kardashian West loves Kanye West

Fans do not believe that the Skims founder truly loves her husband since she’s continued to enable him.

“@KimKardashian he’s screaming for help!!! Why is not one in your family or his family seen it!! Omg! Mental health is real!” one person wrote on Twitter. “This is truly disturbing. @KimKardashian help your man. Something is WRONG,” someone else sais. “@KrisJenner @KimKardashian @kanyewest SOMEONE COME GET KANYE AND TAKE HIM HOME,” a third person wrote. “Kim please get your hubby @kanyewest some meds and get him all the way together. Forget the skims and whatever else you have going, go help him with his mental state. This ain’t no joke. His South Carolina rally was clear than night & day that he needs his meds. People walked out,” yet another fan said.

Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard added her two cents questioning Kardashian West’s feelings for her husband. She hopped on Instagram and said,

 The Kardashians don’t give a f*ck about Kanye West. They could give zero f*cks about Kanye West, the man, the person, the black man, the black person. They could give zero. And if that was never clear to you before, let this circus be the exact example you need to see that. Because if my husband was out in the public eye having a manic episode .. having mental breakdowns .. and making a complete mockery of our political system. I would be gearing to enroll him in a conservatorship.