Kim Kardashian West’s Fans Are Extremely Confused By Her Recent Photo: ‘I Thought You Had 3 Legs’

Kim Kardashian West loves to post photos of herself. And she always has perfect hair and makeup, so who can blame her? Fans adore her photos and love to leave compliments for the beauty mogul. But with more than 150 million Instagram followers, there are bound to be some who question what she posts. And her recent photo had many people confused.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

Kardashian West’s posts are hit or miss with fans

Kardashian West loves to show off on social media. Whether she’s posting images of herself, her kids, or her products, she often posts more than once per day. Her posts receive thousands of comments, and many people leave loving remarks to the KKW Beauty founder. However, there are people who leave critical posts about her as well, suggesting she wears too much makeup and that her fashion sense has dwindled since marrying Kanye West.

The one thing Kardashian West’s fans love about her feed is how often she posts photos of her kids. Fans love to see adorable photos of North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, and it appears all four of the children have sweet personalities.

She’s been caught up in several Photoshop scandals

Kardashian West’s feed is full of photos, and most celebrities do some editing on their posts before sending them out to millions of people. Though editing is a normal step in the photo process these days, Kardashian West has come under fire for Photoshopping her images, which still isn’t appreciated by most fans. She once posted a photo where she had six toes on her foot, and it didn’t take long for someone to notice. Fans have also claimed she looks unrecognizable in recent images, in part due to the editing but also due to her facial filler.

Kardashian West has six toes on her left foot in the photo.

Her recent photo had some convinced she had three legs

Kardashian West posted a photo with her hubby to ring in the new year. “To lots of love in 2020,” the caption read. But fans noticed something else about the photo: Kardashian West’s outfit made it look like she had three legs. Her jacket stuck out from the back, creating the illusion of a third leg, and fans were extremely confused.

Kardashian West’s jacket creates the illusion of a third leg.

“I thought Kim had three legs for a sec,” one user wrote. “I thought you had 3 legs… But if you do it lord knows it will be a trend!” another person joked. “I see three legs still?” someone else wrote, even after another user explained what was actually happening in the photo. Of course, after looking closely, it was easy to see that the jacket was the supposed third leg.

The Kardashian-Jenners tend to block out the haters

With so many Instagram followers, all of the Kardashian-Jenners have received hate at some point. However, they seem to be unfazed by what is said about them on social media. Kyle Jenner recently posted a risqué photo that had mixed reviews from fans, and Kardashian West has been known to do the same (however she recently said she won’t be posting any photos like that anymore). The women have so many fans that it seems they won’t let the criticism get to them.