Kim Kardashian West Is Being Dragged on Instagram for Pledging to Donate Money

Kim Kardashian hasn’t had the easiest time on Instagram over the past couple of days. Recently, the unedited phone call between Taylor Swift and Kardashian’s husband, Kanye West, surfaced, and people aren’t pleased with the KKW Fragrance owner. Now, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star is actually being dragged for pledging to donate money amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Kim Kardashian West Instagram
Kim Kardashian West | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

On March 23, 2020, Kardashian West took to her Instagram page to announce a donation initiative. She cited that as a mother of four, she felt it prudent to help families who are suffering in this time of economic uncertainty. “As a mother, helping families in need during this time is especially important to me. @baby2baby is on the ground providing essentials to children and families impacted by COVID-19 and are working around the clock to get them diapers, blankets, hygiene products, school supplies and more,” the 39-year-old began in a statement.

Kim Kardashian West is donating to a charity that supports kids in poverty

Kardashian West continued on to share that she would be donating 20% of profits from her newly restoked Skims cotton collection to the aforementioned charity. “Today @skims will be restocking our most-loved Cotton collection and donating 20% of the drops profits to @Baby2baby’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Program to support their mission to provide basic essentials to children and families in need. Shop now at SKIMS.COM and enjoy free shipping on domestic orders over $75,” Kardashian West concluded in a post shared with all 163.5 million of her Instagram followers.

While some people praised Kardashian West for her generosity, other people felt she wasn’t doing nearly enough. “Or you could just donate the money yourself, 🤷‍♀️” one person wrote. “Do you not have enough money to donate 100% of the profit lol,” another person questioned. “Or you could just…. give them a couple million directly,” another Instagram user chimed in.

Fans on Instagram are upset that Kardashian West isn’t donating more

People continued on to question why Kardashian West felt the need to sell things during this trying economic time.”Do you really need to sell stuff to donate 20% of the profit with all the money you actually have???????????” one person asked. “Exactly with all the millions you have, you can give much more .and not promote your business, go sell all your designer clothes and donate the money, I can’t believe in these days people promote the business😢,” another Instagram user chimed in.

The Instagram post quickly racked up more negativity. Fans and critics alike accused Kardashian West of being greedy, selfish, money-hungry, and egotistical. But, she also had people standing up for her amidst the backlash. “Why are people so negative. It beats me. The little shes giving means a lot. Some of us don’t do nothing [sic] for no one. Yet they still complain about others trying,” one person questioned.

Should the mogul donate more because of her net worth?

“People pay to watch their shows and buy their clothing, but get triggered when HER money and business isn’t distributed, like what? I get wanting millionaires to donate, but we don’t know peoples lives like that,” another person added. Personally, we’re not interested in telling anyone what to do with their money. But, the fact that Kardashian West is donating some money to this organization is better than donating none at all. Hopefully, people on Instagram can see that something is better than nothing, even if they don’t agree with the mogul’s methods.