Kim Kardashian West’s Quarantine Workout Is Intense but Doable

Kim Kardashian West can do it all. The model and Skims founder somehow manages to have an insanely fit body all while balancing multiple businesses and being a mother to four kids. Just like us, Kardashian West is looking for ways to get fit without hitting the gym — and her workout, though intense, is doable with the right mindset.

Kim Kardashian West
LOS ANGELES, CA – JUNE 18: Kim Kardashian West at her first-ever KKW Beauty and Fragrance pop-up opening at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles on June 20th, 2018 (Photo by Presley Ann/Getty Images for ABA)

Kim Kardashian West works out six days per week

We honestly wonder when Kardashian West has time to sleep. It seems like every day, she has something else on her schedule (before quarantine, that is). Yet Kardashian West somehow makes time to eat breakfast with her kids every day and work out for an hour and a half.

The multi-millionaire has a fully-equipped home gym, and she squeezes in a workout almost every day at 5:30 a.m. She chooses this time because that means she can get everything done before her kids wake up. Kardashian West is “body goals” — and she has personal trainer Melissa Alcantara to thank for that.

The beauty mogul eats a plant-based diet while at home

Some might remember when Kardashian West posted that infamous photo in front of her seemingly empty refrigerator. It prompted her to show off her real refrigerator (because everyone has one refrigerator for photo shoots and one for food, right?), which was loaded with plant-based foods.

Kardashian West took a video for fans, where she also introduced everyone to Marina, her family’s personal chef and the one who came up with her all-time favorite vegan tacos. Kardashian West also mentioned that she eats only plant-based foods while at home, but she does indulge in non-vegan foods, such as ice cream, while she’s out.

Kardashian West’s workout is intense — but it can be done

These days, everyone is staying inside and making the best of their exercise situation. And Kardashian West recently posted her workout to her Instagram story, courtesy of Alcantara. It’s tough, but it’s doable with the right mindset. And if it gives us Kardashian West’s body, we’ll take it.

Start with 20 minutes of walking lunges with two-pound ankle weights; no breaks. Follow it with three rounds of: 30 bosu plank jacks, 10 wide in-and-out-abs, 10 v-ups, and 10 more wide in-and-out abs. Finish it off with 100 ab crunches. Though Kardashian West didn’t explain how to do the moves on her story, Alcantara does have a YouTube channel where she breaks down most of her exercises. The content of the workout requires a lot of energy, but there aren’t too many steps. And if it works for someone like Kardashian West, it’s worth a try.

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The Kardashian-Jenners have strict diet and exercise plans.

Kendall Jenner’s 11-minute workout is a quicker way to fit in some fitness

For those who don’t have as much time during their days, Kendall Jenner recently posted an 11-minute workout, mostly consisting of planks, that anyone can do anywhere. It requires no equipment, and Jenner revealed that she often does it while traveling.

Working out at home isn’t always easy, especially when most of us are used to just heading to the gym every day. But in these new times, everything is an adjustment. Celebrities sharing their workouts can be enlightening, though, because it helps us mix up our routines while also remembering that if they can do it, so can we.