Kim Kardashian West’s Fans Are Shocked to See That She Does This Common Chore

After Kim Kardashian West had to solve household mysteries like how her bathroom sink works and why her refrigerator was so empty, the next burning question about Kardashian West has everything to do with her laundry. In a new Instagram post promoting her Skims Summer Sleep loungewear, fans couldn’t get over one thing about the reality star’s photos — does she do her own laundry?

Kim Kardashian West at NBC Universal Events The Justice Project
Kim Kardashian West | Evans Vestal Ward/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank

Kardashian West goes makeup-free

The Skims creator took to her Instagram to show off the newest in her clothing line — sleepwear for the summer months.

The caption that accompanied the series of photos noted, “NOW AVAILABLE: @SKIMS Summer Sleep — ultra soft and stretchy sleepwear and loungewear to keep you cool this Summer. Available now in 2 colors and in sizes XXS – 4X at SKIMS.COM.”

In the first two images, Kardashian West wears a tank top and pants while sitting in front of a washing machine or dryer, while the next pic features Kardashian West lounging in a long-sleeved option while munching on popcorn. In the last two photos, she wears a black tank option and underwear while hanging over the side of her bed.

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Does Kardashian West do her own laundry?

While fans were interested in the cute loungewear, they were also shocked to learn that Kardashian West does her own laundry. Or at least, models clothing while appearing to use the washer and dryer.

The Instagram comments section lit up with plenty of fans weighing in on whether she actually does this chore or not. One fan noted, “Kim Kardashian ‘doing laundry’ is CAMP,” while another asked, “U DO LAUNDRY?”

One fan believed it was “only for the picture!,” adding, “She probably never in her life did laundry.”

Other fans joked, “Kimberly stop playing like you do laundry” and “Loooool iconic! Kim Kardashian doing laundry for the first time! Proud Kimmy.”

Not everyone was so surprised, however, with one person noting, “she has 4 kids… what do you expect?” and another stating, “if any of these people think she actually does laundry is hysterical. Well maybe her delicates lol but that’s it… come on people!”

Another fan asked, “so you don’t think she does her own laundry just because she has money? That’s hysterical you think that way.”

There were plenty of comments on Twitter as well, with one person tweeting, “Kim you really be getting down on the laundry? Or this is for the gram? Lol” and another saying, “I honestly didn’t think wealthy celebs did laundry. I figured it was new clothes daily.”

Her makeup-free look was a winner

In addition to the surprise about Kardashian West possibly doing her own laundry, many fans were won over by her more natural look. One fan commented, “What a surprise, she is pretty without make-up!!!”

Others shared how the reality star looks really young. One fan commented, “Almost 40 looking better than these girls in their early 20s,” while another said, “how does she look like a babbyyyy? She’s almost 40!!! I like her muchhhh better here without makeup!!”

“I love the no/ minimum makeup post lately it makes you look so young. Love you,” another fan commented.

On Twitter, the reaction was similar, with one fan tweeting, “Wow you look like 2009 Kim.”