Kim Kardashian West’s Father Gave Her Some ‘Racist’ Dating Advice After the O.J. Simpson Trial

Kim Kardashian West’s late father, Robert Kardashian Sr., was a defense attorney for O.J. Simpson during the infamous murder trial in 1995. Apparently, Kim once shared that, after the trial, her father decided to give her a piece of dating advice that was deemed “racist.”

Kim Kardashian West | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian West and Khloé Kardashian talked more about dating Black men in the interview

In 2009, Kim and her younger sister Khloé did an interview with Howard Stern. The reality TV stars spilled a lot of juicy details about their love life. In one particular instance, Stern asked them about their pattern of dating Black men, which led the sisters to talking about their dating preferences.

Khloé shared that she only liked to date Black men, and she even said that she did not have eyes for white men until recently at that time.

Meanwhile, Kim said that she was “totally half-and-half”—meaning she did not have a strong preference for either Black or white men. However, Khloé pointed out that, at the time of the interview, many of the people she dated had been Black.

Kim Kardashian West’s father told his daughters to stay clear of Black men

Because Robert is descended from Armenian immigrants, Kim shared that their father “always wanted us to be with an Armenian guy.” She revealed that he was not supportive of them dating Black men and even told them something “racist.”

“I would say my dad had issues with it, and then after the whole O.J. thing, he was like, ‘This could happen to you guys,’” Kim said. “He got really protective.”

Stern noted that Robert “got sort of racist” in this situation.

However, Kim shared that Robert eventually realized his advice was futile and that “it was just going to be the way it was.”

Many fans are extremely uncomfortable with the interview


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The interview was over 10 years old, but many fans are still uncomfortable with what Kim and Khloé shared.

One person on Reddit wrote about Kim and Khloé’s apparent preference for Black men, “Wtf is this, they talk about black men like they’re not humans like they are sex toys.”

Another user said, “Man I couldn’t even finish it, only got halfway thru because it’s so painful. Wtf man. I really… I don’t even know what to say. EVERYTHING is bad about this, the questions, the answers, everything.”

Some people also commented on the advice Robert gave his daughters and showed their disapproval of it.

“The part about their dad is also crazy. Kim says that Robert Sr. didn’t want them to date black men ESPECIALLY after OJ’s trial, saying to them ‘It could happen to you,’ meaning he KNEW OJ killed Nicole!” one person speculated. “And also, wtf does that mean? Like there’s no white violent men beating their wives? It’s confirming what we thought: Robert Sr. was racist.”

Meanwhile, other fans criticized Stern for asking the sisters “inappropriate” questions.