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It can’t hurt to be prepared. While we’re sure Kim Kardashian West is going to live a long and happy life, she’s still taken the necessary steps to ensure she looks her very best, even in her final days.

As per her last will and testament, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star requires that her hair, nails, and makeup be done if she “can’t communicate,” as she has to be #flawless at all times.

Kim Kardashian West
Kim Kardashian West | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for ULTA Beauty / KKW Beauty

Kim Kardashian West first discussed the specific clause during ‘KUWTK’

With never so much as a hair out of place, Kardashian West has always taken her appearance seriously. So it doesn’t really come as a shock that having her hair, makeup, and nails done at all times is actually a clause written into her will.

The KKW Beauty mogul opened up about her will while accompanying mom Kris Jenner to her earlobe reduction surgery on an episode of KUWTK in 2018.

Kardashian West explained to her mom that she had added the hair, makeup, and nails clause to ensure she would always look her best no matter what.

“I put it in my will that I have to always have my hair done if I am like, cannot talk to myself or like, communicate,” she said.

While on the topic of looking great even during your final days, Kardashian West assured Jenner that she’ll make sure she looks her best if she were ever to become bedridden.

“So I will make sure that your hair is always done if you don’t know your name,” the mom of four continued. “You’ll have great hair.”

Though many were convinced Kardashian West wasn’t actually serious about having a hair, nails, and makeup clause in her will after watching the episode, she later confirmed that the legal document had been updated to include a section regarding her appearance.

“I made a section that if I’m so out of it that I can’t communicate and I’m like sh*itting on myself, I definitely need my hair, my nails, and my makeup done,” she said in a video celebrating her April 2018 Elle magazine cover. “I want to look as good as possible.”

Kim Kardashian West is always camera ready

Looking her best has always been Kardashian West’s cup of tea. Since she was a child, the SKIMS founder has always been camera ready. Now that she is a famous reality star with a glam squad at her disposal, maintaining her appearance has become part of her everyday life.

“I have so many friends who don’t wear makeup and hardly ever do their hair. I feel really blessed because I genuinely love the process of getting my hair and makeup done,” Kardashian West previously told Into The Gloss of her beauty process. “Even beyond that, I just love to take care of my skin. I’m always researching different products, and I always try so many different things. I don’t just stick to one face wash or moisturizer.”


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While there have been plenty of times the reality star has gone makeup-free in the public eye, getting glam has always been something she’s enjoyed.

And though she shows no sign of slowing down her beauty and glamour regimens, many can agree that the KKW Beauty mogul looks beautiful with or without having her hair, makeup, and nails done.