‘Kitchen Crash’: Jeff Mauro Debunks Myths About the Show, Says It’s Not Scripted or Fake

Food Network has been popping out some hits in the past decade or more, showcasing hit series like Food Network Star, Iron Chef, Chopped, and several other food competitions. Viewers can’t get enough of their various twists and challenges with food contestants that range from ages in the single digits to well in their 50s and 60s or older.

New to town is their 2021 TV show addition Kitchen Crash with Jeff Mauro. Since its premiere, fans have been skeptical about how real the whole thing is, and Mauro is ready to debunk all their myths.

‘Kitchen Crash’ is Food Network’s new addition

Jeff Mauro
Jeff Mauro | John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFF

Food Network has described their new show as one where “anything can happen [and] Jeff will make sure of that!” Mauro’s Kitchen Crash series takes the kitchen outdoors to New Jersey families and their in-home ingredients.

Adding a fun twist to their typical food competition, contestants’ skills are tested when they’re forced to face-off with only the ingredients given to them by a homeowner they convince to let them dig through their fridge and pantry. All the while, they never know what they’re going to get and if it’ll be enough.

“I’m just so proud of this show. It’s been a long time coming, and we shot during the pandemic safely, so there’s so much gravity to this show,” Mauro told WGN News of Kitchen Crash. “It’s so much fun and different and fresh and real and new. So, I’m so excited for you guys to see it!”

Viewers think the show has to be scripted

Kitchen Crash is getting a lot of love from fans since making some noise on the Food Network channel. Nonetheless, some are wondering just how ‘scripted’ and ‘fake’ the whole thing is. For some, it doesn’t seem like a convincing scenario. 

On a Reddit post praising Mauro’s new TV hit, forever_strung commented, “I can’t imagine this is not scripted, which is fine. I don’t mind some scripted stuff. This show reminds me of Supermarket Steakout. Just seems fake.”

Another user mocked the idea that the neighbors didn’t know they’d be filmed on Food Network’s new show. “‘Wow, sure you can raid my pantry random door knocker!’ – person dressed up with makeup done and hair did on a Saturday morning.”

Mauro responds to Reddit fans, dunking the show’s myths


‘Kitchen Crash’: Fans May Have Missed the Premiere If Jeff Mauro Hadn’t Reached Out to Them Directly

To the surprise of many fans, Mauro appeared on the same Reddit post to respond to users and defend his new food competition show that premiered in early 2021. 

“Full disclosure, the families DID know a television show was filming on their block, and they could possibly be featured. They DID NOT KNOW it was a Food Network show or a food competition in any way. When the FN truck pulled in the day of filming, of course, our cover was blown,” Mauro responded to users. “No food or pantry items were scripted or planted. The food you see is what they gathered from the homeowner’s kitchens. Zero additions from the productions….No sugar, frozen chicken, no oil makes for a much more fun game!”

Jeff Mauro even responded to another commenter saying they’d love to take the competition all over the states in the future, but “Covid restrictions and quarantine laws” have them restricted to New Jersey. This means there’s a good chance you may hear that knock on your door in later seasons!