Kitty of ‘Black Ink Crew’ Reveals Whether She’s Cool With the NYC Cast

When Black Ink Crew: New York returns to VH1 on April 19, some viewers may be on the lookout for faces from past seasons. There have been plenty of riffs among the cast members over the years, and some left but came back, while others walked away for good.

Season 8 of the reality show found Ceaser and Miss Kitty wrapped up in drama that eventually boiled over into the rest of the shop, and friendships were fractured. And Kitty recently revealed where she stands with the New York crew.

Miss Kitty of 'Black Ink Crew'
Miss Kitty of ‘Black Ink Crew’ | VH1/YouTube

The gist of Kitty versus everyone beef in ‘Black Ink’ New York

The drama with Kitty, Ceaser, Tati, Bae, and Donna goes back to 2019, and at the center was Kitty’s personal life.

Throughout season 8, a rumor fed to Ceaser about Kitty hooking up with Black Ink Crew: Chicago boss Ryan Henry took over the New York gang. He got angry with her and Ryan, and somehow, the girls turned on Kitty too.

After Ceaser confronted Kitty and deemed her a liar, Tati finally admitted that she told Ceaser that Kitty and Ryan got together in New Orleans. She and Sky spread the story among the rest of the group, and they all became pressed about getting Kitty to “come clean” about Ryan.

She insisted it was a lie, but Ceaser fired her for allegedly sleeping with one of his friends. The mess led to major arguments between Kitty and Donna, Kitty and Tati, and a fight between Kitty and Bae.

The whole time, Kitty didn’t understand why her so-called friends were so pressed. They scolded her about who she slept with and wanted her to admit to a lie.

Two things about this whole ordeal irked fans. First, many felt no one had the right to be angry over what Kitty did with her own body. Secondly, fans didn’t appreciate how her castmates treated her right after her mother’s death.

Kitty left ‘Black Ink: New York’ behind

Kitty’s been seen in episodes of Black Ink Crew: Chicago and remains on good terms with Charmaine Bey and Ryan from that franchise. But the drama from New York spilled over into real life, and some of it played out on social media. These days, Kitty is over it.

She appeared on a fresh episode of Black Ink Crew: Confessions with the Chicago cast and gave an update on her relationships with the NYC team.

“Nonexistent,” said Kitty. “Just some things you just can’t come back from. And what I went through in New York, at the time I went through it, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy — from people that I thought really loved me. That was hard. I can’t get over that.”

Kitty added that she’s back home in Washington, D.C. and happy to be around her family. As far as what she thinks led to the dissension with the New York folks, she summed it up as jealousy.


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“They thought that once I got fired, I would come running back like, ‘Oh please, take me back. I miss y’all so much. Don’t do this to me.’ No! That’s just dumb, and I’ve never been a stupid woman,” she said.

Kitty maintains she and Ryan are just good friends. When Black Ink Crew: New York returns on April 19, do not look for Miss Kitty.