Who Has Princess Diana’s Niece, Kitty Spencer, Dated?

Kitty Spencer, the 28-year-old niece of the late Princess Diana, made headlines recently when she left a New York City hotel with a possible boyfriend. That got us wondering about her dating history. Keep reading to see who has been romantically linked to Spencer.

Kitty Spencer’s living in London working as a model

Spencer moved from South Africa back to her birthplace of London in 2016 to pursue a career in modeling.

Kitty Spencer | Instagram

After she attended Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s royal wedding last spring, she signed a modeling contract with Bulgari.

In an interview with Tatler, she explained that she’s “a cat person for sure” and has a “clinically obese” cat named Baby D.

Kitty Spencer | Instagram

How is Kitty Spencer related to Princess Diana?

Spencer’s father is the late Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, the ninth Earl of Spencer. That makes Diana Spencer’s aunt on her father’s side of the family.

Spencer dated a property tycoon

According to Hello! magazine, Princess Diana’s niece dated Italian property tycoon Niccolò Barattieri di San Pietro from 2014 to 2017.

The couple broke up because Barattieri had reportedly been lusting after actress Elizabeth Hurley. Following their break-up, Spencer took a trip to the Hamptons as evidenced by her Instagram posts.

Shortly after their split, a sourced talked to the Daily Mail about Spencer’s emotional state.

Kitty Spencer
Lady Kitty Spencer attends Claridge’s Christmas Tree Party 2017, designed by Karl Lagerfeld, on November 28, 2017, in London, United Kingdom. | David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Claridges

“Kitty has been telling lots of friends that she thinks Niccolo and Liz are an item, and are keeping it quiet because it was so soon after the break-up that they got together,” they told the publication.

“She’s feeling hurt, but friends are trying to make her feel better by telling her they might just have become close friends,” they added.

While they were dating, Spencer shared pictures on Instagram of her and Barattieri in Greece during the summer of 2016.

Here they are in Santorini.

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And here they are sailing.

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Sailing to Ios in @heidikleinswim

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And here they are wearing coordinating outfits.

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Barattieri reportedly lives in South Kensington, London, and has three kids with his ex-wife, Sofia.

She dated a cricket player

Before she dated Barattieri, Spencer dated now 35-year-old English cricket player (he retired from the sport last year), Nick Compton. The couple broke up in 2013.

Spencer reportedly initiated the break-up one month after Compton experienced a professional blunder.

Nick Compton
Nick Compton of England with the Basil D’Oliveira trophy after winning the series during day five of the 4th Test at Supersport Park on January 26, 2016, in Centurion, South Africa. | Julian Finney/Getty Images

“I found it hard to deal with both the England rejection and losing Kitty,” Compton said.

New boyfriend may be Michael Lewis

Rumors have been circulating that Spencer’s newest beau is Michael Lewis, the owner of the fashion company, Whistles.

They were recently seen leaving The Mark hotel in Manhattan, New York, together. At one point Spencer put her hand on her possible man’s shoulder suggesting they are dating.

They’ve been linked together since last year but neither has confirmed they’re dating.

She stays friends with her exes

In 2015, Spencer told Tatler she stays friends with all of her exes. She remarked that she had only two boyfriends ever in her life “and they are still two of my best friends.”

“I’m very sentimental,” she said. “I think good people are hard to find and opening up to someone completely is a hard thing to do, so even if things don’t work romantically, you should still see the benefit of having a good soul in your life who knows you.”