Kourtney Kardashian Is Keeping Most of Her Plans for 2020 a Secret

Kourtney Kardashian has lived over a decade of her life in the spotlight. Between being a reality TV star and launching her lifestyle website, Poosh, the 40-year-old has racked up millions of fans. Now, with the news that Kardashian is planning to step back from her family’s hit reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, many of her loyal fans are wondering just what she’ll do next. But, these days, the mom of three is being more tight-lipped about her goals and dreams.

Poosh founder Kourtney Kardashian
Kourtney Kardashian | Marc Piasecki/WireImage

When Poosh launched in March of 2019, the response was fairly polarizing. Whilst Kardashian’s most loyal fans couldn’t wait to hear more from the eldest KarJenner, others weren’t impressed. Some media outlets called the site a “less self-aware Goop” while critics wondered how Kardashian would relate to the everyday woman given her wealth and lavish lifestyle. But, despite the criticisms, Poosh still developed a loyal following. On Instagram alone, Poosh boasts 3.3 million followers. Furthermore, plenty of women find the site to be a wonderful part of their day.

Kourtney Kardashian gets real about Poosh

But, the person Poosh likely impacts the most is Kardashian herself. When she set out to launch the site a year ago, she had no idea the amount of purpose it would add to her life. However, in a recent interview with Rose Inc. Kardashian revealed just how essential Poosh has become to her and her overall well-being.

“I am most surprised by how fulfilling I am finding it. We have built an amazing team of women who really enjoy working together and take pride in our accomplishments together. We love coming up with content, and I especially love finding out what articles people relate to and how they are helping them in their lives—that’s what makes it worth it. And helping me in the process… I am learning so much!” the reality star shared when reflecting on the last year she’s spent building Poosh.

What are Kardashian’s goals for Poosh in 2020

And Kardashian has no plans of stopping her traction with Poosh anytime soon. According to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, she has big plans for Poosh in the coming year. However, she’s keeping them under wraps for now, likely to provide her subscribers with the best experiences. “I have a lot of ideas for growing Poosh this year, new things I’m so excited to try. All secrets for now,” she said when asked about her professional goals for 2020.

The ‘KUWTK’ star wants to be more present

But what of her plans outside of Poosh? Kardashian was willing to be more open about the personal goals that she’s set for herself this year. Most of her goals center about being more mindful, both in words and actions. “Ahhhh, always growing. Been really making an effort to be so present in the moment, and honestly the biggest thing I am focusing on right now is to try and limit the negative things that come out of my mouth. It’s made such a difference so far,” Kardashian admitted. We’re sure Kardashian’s fans are chomping at the bit to see what she has plans for them in 2020. Only time will tell what’s next for Kardashian and Poosh.