Kris Jenner Honored Her Late Friend Nicole Brown Simpson In a Touching Way

These days, the Kardashians are known for being huge reality stars and successful businesswomen. Their momager, Kris Jenner, is at the heart of it all with her dedication to helping her family become globally-recognized celebrities.

However, before the Kardashians found fame and fortune, they were mostly associated with O.J. Simpson and his late ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. The Kardashians do not discuss this part of their past often, but Jenner recently opened up about how the death of Brown Simpson affected her. Read on below to find out what Jenner has to say about it.

The Kardashians were close friends with O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson

Kris Jenner attends the 2019 E! People's Choice Awards.
Kris Jenner | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

This story starts in the late 1960s when the late Robert Kardashian met O.J. Simpson in college. Kardashian was reportedly a waterboy for the University of Southern California’s football team where Simpson was playing.

However, the two men did not become close until years later when they met again while playing tennis. Since then, they became friends and even decided to invest in a few businesses together.

When Kardashian married Kris Houghton — who would later be known as Kris Jenner — and Simpson married Nicole Brown, their respective families became close as well. Kardashian’s children even called Simpson “Uncle O.J.”

Their families were so tight-knit, in fact, that there have been rumors about Jenner having an affair with Simpson. Some people even believe that Jenner’s daughter, Khloe, is actually Simpson’s child. The Kardashians have often denied these rumors and maintained that there was never anything going on between Jenner and Simpson.

The Kardashians gained some fame during the O.J. Simpson trial

In 1994, Simpson was put on trial for the murder of Brown Simpson and her friend, Ronald Goldman. At the time, Robert Kardashian was not practicing law anymore, but he decided to reactivate his law license to defend Simpson.

The trial received a huge amount of publicity, which also made Kardashian and his family more well-known in the media. In the early 2000s, they got more attention as Kim Kardashian started hanging out with popular celebrities like Paris Hilton and Ray J.

This allowed the Kardashian family to land their own reality series, which turned them into the celebrities that we know them as today.

Kris Jenner recently talked about Nicole Brown Simpson

Jenner and Brown Simpson were very close friends, so it goes without saying that Brown Simpson’s death affected Jenner a lot. On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that aired in early November, Jenner opened up about her late friend.

“What I loved about her the most was she was such a beautiful soul and had so much love to give,” Jenner shared. “I can’t believe that 25 years has passed since her passing and it just feels like it’s so fresh.”

Later in the episode, Jenner revealed that during the trial, she did not have enough time to grapple with what happened Brown Simpson.

“I’ve latched onto the legal side of stuff rather than deal with the emotional side of myself that just misses my girlfriend,” she told friend Faye Resnick.

After Brown Simpson’s death, Jenner did try to keep her late friend’s memory alive in another way. She gave her daughter Kendall, who was born in 1995, the middle name “Nicole.”

Kendall Jenner once shared with her followers on Snapchat: “My middle name is after Nicole Brown Simpson, because that was my mom’s best friend. And I’m honored to have this name.”

Although the Kardashian family does not seem to be very close with O.J. Simpson anymore, Kim Kardashiain once revealed that she is still “somewhat friendly” with Simpson’s children: Justin and Sydney.