Kris Jenner Might Have Just Revealed Which One of Her Daughters Is Looking to Get Pregnant Next

Kris Jenner is spilling some piping hot tea about her famous family!

The 64-year-old Kardashian matriarch recently appeared on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to answer some compelling questions about her six children.

As she was being open and honest, Jenner shared which one of her kids she thinks will be the next one to have a baby and her answer might actually surprise you.

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner | Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage

Jenner just shared who she thinks her next grandchild will come from

Though she is the proud grandmother of 10 grandchildren, Jenner isn’t opposed to the idea of welcoming more little ones to her ever-growing family.

During a recent appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the momager opened up about this topic while playing a game of “Keeping Up With the Blank.”

After declaring that Khloé Kardashian is her favorite daughter of the day and that Kylie Jenner is the daughter who doesn’t always answer her calls, Jenner revealed which of her kids she feels will give her her next grandchild.

“Kourtney, or maybe Kylie,” she pondered before asking DeGeneres what she thought. “Maybe Kendall!”

The talk host went on to ask if Jenner’s next grandchild could come from her youngest daughter, seeing as though she and her rapper ex, Travis Scott, were back together.

“I don’t know if they’re back together,” the mother of six said. “They’re just great co-parenters.” 

While many of us would love for Jenner and Scott to have another baby, it seems like they’re just maintaining a platonic relationship for the time being.

As for the Poosh founder, we wouldn’t be surprised if she was the next Kardashian sibling to welcome a child.

Especially since she previously revealed that she was in the process of freezing her eggs to keep the option of having more kids open.

“I just feel like this is for safety,” Kardashian said during a 2018 episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. “I hope that going through all of this is worth it. I don’t want to put my body through something like this again. The emotions of it all are just a lot.”

It could be a while before Kendall Jenner has kids

When it comes to Kendall Jenner, she previously admitted that she’s thought about welcoming a child one day and says she gets baby fever being around her nieces and nephews.

“I go in and out of phases,” she told E! News in 2019. “Some days, I’ll be there and I’ll be like, ‘Omg, I think it’s happening. I think I have the fever.'”

Although she wants babies of her own, Jenner went on to share that she’s perfectly content just being the cool aunt for the time being.

“Most days, I’m like, ‘This is too much.’ It’s a lot to be able to play with them,” the supermodel continued. “I’ll just be like, ‘go to your mom.'”

The momager can’t get enough of her grandkids

Though all 10 of her adorable grandchildren keep her on her toes, the Kardashian matriarch would love to add even more little ones — she can spoil — to her family.

Although she enjoys buying her grandkids lavish gifts, Jenner says the best way for her to spoil her ever-growing family is to spend quality time with each child individually.

“The other day we made cookies. We go shopping,” she recently shared with Us Weekly. “I take Mason shopping with me [and] just do things one-on-one.”

The reality star went on to reveal that she loves to “bake” with her granddaughters, and says they’re fans of making sweet treats that their parents don’t allow them to have.

“Baking is big with the girls. [They love] anything fun and yummy that they can’t have at home,” Jenner explained.

Seeing as though she loves being a grandmother, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that Jenner would be over the moon welcoming another grandchild into her family.

We’ll just have to wait and see which of Jenner’s kids will be the one to give her her next grandchild.