Kris Jenner Once Flipped Out on Her Kids’ Nanny Over Broccoli

Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner has a hand in each of her children’s successes, committing herself to ensuring they make money through myriad business activities. Over the years, she’s built up a reputation for being both a momager and perfectionist, but she’s always been driven.

Before the Kardashian-Jenners became household names and media staples, they were a non-famous family who rubbed elbows with famous folks. And Kris Jenner had a nanny who held the fort down while juggling a large workload. Things didn’t always go smoothly.

Kris Jenner
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The nanny cared for 4 of Kris Jenner’s kids

Pam Behan started caring for the four Kardashian kids in the early ‘90s. Kourtney was 12, Kim, 10, Khloé was 6 and Robert was just four years old. In her memoir, Malibu Nanny: Adventures of the Former Kardashian Nanny, she recalled how she first met Kris Jenner.

She used to be the nanny for Bruce Jenner’s children with Linda Thompson, and when Jenner got with Kris, she was hired as the nanny for the Kardashians. Behan was a young college student working to pay her tuition.

Her first day at work was actually on the Jenners’ wedding day back in 1991. She left shortly after Kendall Jenner’s birth and described how much she loved the kids and learning from their mom Kris, whom she called very generous.

Though Behan had fond memories from that time, there were moments of friction and stress.

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Kris Jenner was furious over missing broccoli

In her book, Behan talked about her routine and responsibilities in the household, and one of her duties was shopping for the family. She said Jenner (Kris) would make a grocery list for her and she’d make one large trip during the week and a couple of small runs during the week. But one time, she forgot the broccoli and Jenner chewed her out:

After a disagreement one day over a missing item from the grocery list—broccoli—the tension in the room is so thick you can almost see it. I think to myself, Oh my gosh, what have I done? Why am I here? This lady really doesn’t like me. During my conservative Midwest upbringing with a prim and proper mother, I’d never heard a lady talk to me the way she just did. I am quite certain I’ve made a huge mistake in coming to work for Kris and mentally start packing my bags.

However, I have four kids who are depending on me, and it is important for me to be a stable force in their lives. I resolved not to let Kris get to me. But given the way Kris has just reacted about something as seemingly non-important as broccoli, I decide that isn’t realistic, so for the time being I settle on not quitting…yet.

After that dustup, Behan vowed never to forget the broccoli again.

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Behan was also Kris Jenner’s personal assistant

Though most of her duties revolved around caring for the Kardashian kids, Behan was also Jenner’s assistant. She wrote that she had daily to-do list of errands and everything had to be checked off or there would be a problem, as Jenner had a “no excuses” policy.

This would sometimes stress Behan out, especially when an obstacle like bad traffic in Los Angeles prevented her from accomplishing her tasks.

Each day would mean a new list and in addition to running the kids to three different schools and activities, attending college, fixing dinners for 10 people, and handling bedtime routines, she had to meet Jenner’s expectations.

However, Behan shared that she held a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for her.

I have never before been around such a driven and savvy businesswoman. I look up to her and learn a lot from her. Growing up in a small town in a rural area, I had not been exposed to any strong businesswomen as role models, so it is quite amazing to watch Kris in action.

Though Behan called Jenner’s reaction to the broccoli thing “irrational” she explained that she loved Jenner and enjoyed the experience of working for her.

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